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Titans of Mavericks event adds women’s division

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After pressuring by several groups Titans of Mavericks includes women

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 October, 2016 - The Titans of Mavericks, the one day event held during what contest director Jeff Clark deems will be the best day of the year, will now include a women’s heat. The change comes after a small group of athletes presured Titans of Mavericks to include women.

Working in combination with the groups that approve the Titans of Mavericks contest permit (San Mateo County and the California Coastal Commission) the Committee for Equity in Women's Surfing successfully got the special women's heat added to the event.

Initially there were no plans for Cartel Management, the Titans event producers, to include women entrants. But San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Sabrina Brennan asked the Coastal Commission to require that Cartel Management add space for female athletes.

The commission directed Cartel to draft a plan to include women. Cartel then drafted a plan. In the first-draft of the plan women wouldn’t be included until the 2017/2018 event. But it was said that the commission was set to deny Cartel’s application for a four-year permit if they didn’t include female surfers by this year’s event.

Cartel has since agreed to add one 60-minute women’s heat to the upcoming event according to SF Gate and other sources. Cartel management has also stated that they were never reluctant to add a women's event.

Jeff Clark's event at Mavericks has gone through many sponsors, partners, lawsuits and miles of red tape over the years. But the question of a women's division was never raised until a group of female big-wave surfers, including Keala Kennelly and Bianca Valenti, started the Committee for Equity in Women's Surfing.

“In surfing competition, as in other professional sports, the standard is for men to compete against men, and for women to compete against women,” the group states on the website.  “This distinctive format is important and appropriate to both men and women athletes because it provides an opportunity for equity in competitive sports.” 

The Titans of Mavericks event runs for one day only when surf meets the required height and conditions are deemed suitable.

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