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Toes on the Nose sponsors team tour of Alaskan wild



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Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s first expedition hits Alaska

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 March, 2011 : - - Laid back surf-inspired apparel company, Toes on the Nose, has announced the sponsorship of Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s first expedition. A premier team of Toes on the Nose brand ambassadors are set to embark on a central Alaskan journey embodying the outdoor, adventurous lifestyle of the Toes on the Nose brand.

The 11-day Alaskan adventure begins March 30 and will be documented on the Toes Laguna blog  with daily videos, journal entries and photos of their journey with a goal of inspiring people to get out, explore, and embrace an active lifestyle. The itinerary involves minimal set plans but is sure to include spontaneous excursions such as surfing, paddle boarding, glacier hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and ice climbing –weather pending, of course.

“Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s mission is to showcase a healthy, active lifestyle and continue to motivate people to do the same,” said Summer Watson, the Toes on the Nose expedition team lead.  “We’re excited to promote the Toes on the Nose brand and its easy-going way of life to the Alaskan people as we feel there is a definite similarity and connection between our brand and the state’s residents.”

The Alaska-bound members include lead Summer Watson, Toes Laguna manager, surf instructor and sponsored musician, Toes Laguna sales associate and surf instructor Sydney Hensler, personal trainer and nutritionist Shelby Hensler, and long-time friend, Casey Ryan. 

The four Toes Laguna enthusiasts will be roughing it through the last days of winter in the Alaskan outback concreting the Toes on the Nose lifestyle mantra— living the dream.

“We wanted to travel somewhere we’ve never been, participate in activities we’ve never done, and some we have but in an environment that is completely foreign to us,” said Watson.  “We want to challenge ourselves, learn more about the northern most part of our country, have fun and see where the road takes us. We’re anxious to see what this adventure has in store for us.””

To follow the Toes Laguna Lifestyle Team’s journey through Alaska, please visit  or for more information on the team’s efforts, please visit

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