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Tom Curren and Mason Ho go typhoon hunting in the Pacific



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Wave-drenched, storm-ridden island in the North Pacific delivers adventure

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 February, 2018 - The sixth typhoon of the year looked promising. Like its geographical brethren, the southern cyclones and northern hurricanes, typhoons may deliver the yin or yang of nature: joy to some and devastation to others, depending on your location and desires.

Never was this more evident than now, for while I was en route to a hopefully wave-rich rendezvous in the North Pacific, a triple-pronged horror show led by Hurricane Irma was destroying the Caribbean, also staring with its three malignant eyes at Florida.

Meanwhile, as if nature’s wrath wasn’t enough, the demented despot Kim Jong-un was firing missiles around the place like a naughty kid with a slingshot. Why is it that dictators so often seem to be comical, even ridiculous figures, yet are simultaneously murderous psychopaths? Something about their childish natures make them even more threatening, in a sense less likely to be tempered by reason. We cross our fingers and hope that the leaders of the world don’t cross an indelible line. Surfers chase bombs, but not the metallic kind.

Join Mason Ho and Tom Curren, as they spend one week scouring the coastline of this wave-drenched, storm-ridden island in the North Pacific.




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