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Totally random survey says: Animal UK is surfies choice


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Totally random survey says: Animal UK is surfies choice

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 April, 2009 : - -  In a fairly random straw poll nine out of ten UK surfers said that their favourite surf-wear comes from Animal clothing.

The survey, recently conducted among surfers gathering in Newquay for the beginning of the UK's surf season, asked surfers to vote on their favourite brand of surf-wear. Surf clothing needs to be tough enough to withstand the battering that gets in Britain cold waters and it must look good. One surfer commented:

"I've had loads of different board shorts and Animal are by far the best. They last a long time and they stay on when you wipe out. I've had some embarrassing moments when I've lost my shorts to the waves."

Surf clothing must be incredibly hard wearing. It needs to withstand some really punishing conditions and the last thing that surfers want are their clothes coming apart while they are riding the waves.

Another important feature of good surf clothing is it must be affordable and Animal clothing is very competitively priced. This makes Animal clothing not only great for surfers but ideal for anyone headed for the beaches this summer.

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