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Tough Times: Junior Pro Biscarrosse faces flat surf

Beach Day at Biscarrosse Credit: © WSL / Arrieta
Biscarrosse contest site © WSL / Arrieta



Junior Pro Biscarrosse

WSL Junior Qualifying Men's Event
WSL Junior Qualifying Women's Event
Plage Nord, Biscarrosse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Landes
28 - 30 April, 2017

Strong offshore wind pushed away any swell remnants on Day 2

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 April, 2017 - Plage Nord, Biscarrosse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France - After a successful opening day at the Junior Pro Biscarrosse, the lack of contestable waves forced competition directors to call the event off for the day.

“We had to come this morning not to miss any opportunity to go through some heats”, said local consultant Cyril Blanckaert, from Lou Bisca Surf Club. “We put all our chances on our side and were hoping to see something for the girls with the coming tide this afternoon. Unfortunately, the strong offshore wind pushed away any hope we had today. Judges, Lou Bisca Surf Club’s crew and the athletes were ready, but we finally called the event OFF at 4 p.m.”

Sunday will be crucial as a new swell pushes in alongside a storm front. The last remaining day , Monday, May 1st is looking extremely stormy as well, prompting organizers to try to complete the event before then. A full day of competition running double banks is anticipated for Sunday.

Surfers and event officials will then reconvene at 7 a.m Sunday to reassess conditions and hopefully launch a full day of action.

Heat 1: Nadia Erostarbe (EUK), Juliette Lacome (FRA), Julia Dufrechou (FRA), Teresa Bonvalot (PRT)
Heat 2: Isabel Gundin (ESP), Mafalda Lopes (PRT), Bahia Frediani (FRA), Matilde Passarinho (PRT)
Heat 3: Neis Lartigue (FRA), Ilonna Rondi (FRA), Ainhoa Leiceaga (FRA), Ozvan Masseron  (FRA)
Heat 4: Juliette Brice (FRA), Mahe Javegny (FRA), Mikele Beato (EUK), Anouck Duboe (FRA)
Heat 5: Ellie Turner (GBR), Jade Magnien (FRA), Nell Auptel (GLP), Lucia Machado (CNY)
Heat 6: Melania Suarez Diaz (CNY), Uhaina Joly (FRA), Lili Termeau (FRA), Laura De Los Reyes (CNY)
Heat 7: Lisa Girardet (FRA), Illona Goasguen (FRA), Elisa Cazenave (FRA), Hina-Maria Conradi (FRA)
Heat 8: Maddi Aizpurura (ESP), Sara Urresti (EUK), Maelys Jouault (FRA), Karla Fodor (FRA)

Heat 1: Kyllian Guerin (FRA), Rodrigo Lebre (PRT), Noe Ledee (FRA), Louis Tabere Allamelou (FRA)
Heat 2: Patrick Langdon Dark (GBR), Valentino Belga (NLD), Thomas Debierre (FRA), Zouhir Selyann (MAR)
Heat3: Lucas Desmoucelle (FRA), Gabriel Ortiz (ESP), Asier Iriondo (EUK), Moises Dominguez (CNY)
Heat4: Noah Biersack (GBR), Gabriel Ribeiro (PRT), Thomas Ledee (FRA), Jali Valk (NLD)
Heat 5: Issam Auptel (GLP), Igor Volkov (RUS), Miguel Matos (PRT), Diego Garcia (ESP)
Heat 6: Olivier Cassaigne (FRA), Taylor McCarthy (FRA), Titouan Canevet (FRA), Escola Corentin (FRA)
Heat 7: Joao Vidal (PRT), Antoine Parenteau (FRA), Cayam Amar (ISR), Sebastiao Ramirez (PRT)
Heat 8: Afonso Candeias (PRT), Stanislas Sarrotte (MTQ), Willoughby Masterman (GBR), Hugo Tosetti (FRA)
Heat 9: Dorian Gomez (FRA), Edoardo Papa (ITA), Mattia Migliorini (ITA), Afonso Antunes (PRT)
Heat 10: Joaquim Chaves (PRT), Tiago Bettencourt (PRT), Hugo Cardoso (PRT), Nolan Poirier (FRA)
Heat 11: Dean Vanderwalle (BEL), Joao Caldeira (PRT), Txomin Lizarraga (EUK), Julen Susperregi (EUK)
Heat 12: Vasco Cordeiro (PRT), Thibault Manson (FRA), Lorenzo Dubois (FRA), Axel Lopetegi (ESP)
Heat 13: Arnau Martinez (ESP), Adur Amatrian (ESP), Youri Conradi (FRA), Jao Errera (FRA)
Heat 14: Renan Grainville (FRA), Noe Gerrits (FRA), Nemo Nogues (FRA), Tom Goasguen (FRA)
Heat 15: Innes Kit (GBR), Felix Bourgoin (PYF), Paolo Giorgi (CNY), Thomas Leali (FRA)
Heat 16: Noa Dupouy (FRA), Carlito Casadebaigt (FRA), Titouan Veschambre (FRA), Miguel Castrillon (ESP)

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