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Tourism Australia launches "Australia's Best Beaches"





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Travel review of thousands of locations will be undertaken by Brad Farmer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 August, 2016 - The benchmark publication Australia’s 101 Best Beaches sold out a couple of years ago like melting ice creams on a hot Bondi summer day, now it’s all on again: to find the ‘best of the best beaches’. 

The challenge is also for Australia to be duly recognised for the overdue title of having the World’s Best Beaches.

With 11,761 beaches in Australia to choose from, the experts have a tough task in narrowing the definitive list down to just 101 beach destinations that will make the cut for 2016-17. 

Over the next 60 days in the lead up to summer, an intensive ground and ocean travel review of thousands of locations will be undertaken by the nation’s foremost beach reviewer Brad Farmer and his researchers, whose role is often labelled as the world’s best day job, even though it’s a labour of love.

While Australia boasts one of the longest, most diverse and pristine coastlines in the world stretching a total of 59,736kms, the project is looking to showcase only those which offer the very best coastal and aquatic experiences.  

“I believe Australia does have the best beaches and it’s time we claim this incontestable world title to all those offshore dreamers planning on visiting our island-continent,” says Brad Farmer, project leader of 101 Best Beaches.

“Australia is just one big beach – and that collective precious resource is one of our greatest generators of national income and immense pleasure.”

Mr Farmer’s enthusiasm for beaches is supported by John O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Tourism Australia.

“Australia’s extensive coastline means we are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to nominating the best beaches and we know that 70 per cent of our international visitors enjoy an aquatic or coastal experience as part of their trip to Australia,”Mr O’Sullivan said.

“In fact, as part of our latest global campaign push we are telling the world why There’s nothing like Australia for the breadth, depth and quality of aquatic and coastal experiences our country has to offer – and 101 Best Beaches is another way for us to share these experiences in a very authentic and compelling way.”                                                                                                                

101 Best Australian Beaches is going from its best-selling print format to an easily-accessible digital guide, and the experts want your views via social media about where the jewels of the coast are buried on what Farmer describes as the world’s finest ‘Treasure Island’.

Brad Farmer and his research team will take to the sands with notepad and boardies from tomorrow (26/8) starting in Cairns in his new role as a Friend of Australia (Aquatic and Coastal Ambassador for Tourism Australia).

Brad Farmer, who is a veteran advocate and prolific writer on the Australian coast for over three decades, wants to immerse visitors and locals in the delights of Australian beaches and how a vast range of experiential activities on the beach zone can not only invigorate the senses, but improve the health of those who enjoy them. Farmer will be talking directly to coastal communities via social media, community feedback and engagement opportunities, as he travels Australia’s ribbon of gold.  There will also be a focus on beachside eateries and emerging coastal real estate hubs; a first for the 101BB project.

Brad and his team will hit the road supported by Britz campervans – the perfect way to check out Aussie beaches with the flexibility to take the time needed at each location.

The winning selection of existing and newly-evaluated beaches will be announced in late November 2016 at media events around Australia (TBA).  Resources and interviews will be made available to the media immediately and in the lead up to summer.

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