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Truama, Drowning, Hypothermia: Euro docs discuss

Mullaghmore, Ireland © Billabong XXL



Water Safety

European Association of Surfing Doctors to gather in Ireland

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2014 - There’s no question; Mother Nature responded to the establishment of a Big Wave Surfing Tour with the unprecedented North Atlantic swells of our recent winter. Waves of immense ferocity and magnitude were cast upon the shores of Western Europe. Many of which were tapped by Water Hell-Men and Women. 

Big Wave riders are the boldest and most daring amongst surfers. By extension, they are without a doubt, also the most endangered. What are those dangers; what are their needs; how does one face the elements, the ocean, and themselves? 

Never before has the need to address major trauma, drowning incidents, hypothermia, advanced water rescue, training methodologies, and technology, been so prescient. Forerunners in Big Wave Surfing and the Medical World will take to the stage for the 3rd Annual EASD Conference in Surfing Medicine, 09-13 September 2014 in Sligo on the NW Coast of Ireland. 

Europe’s hottest Big Wave Surfing Spot, Mullaghmore, will serve as the backdrop to lectures and discussion with experts in Big Wave Surfing and Medicine. Conference Speakers include Irish Big Wave Surfer, Billabong XXL 2013 Finalist, Lifeguard, and Paramedic, Peter Conroy; Wilderness-Expedition Medicine trailblazer, Brazilian Dr. Karina Oliani; Hawaiian Pipeline Masters Doctor and co-author of “Surf Survival”, Dr. Clayton Everline, and many more global leaders in their respective fields. 

The world is watching. In this era of global connectivity and technical innovation, Big Wave Surfing is the new gladiatorial arena. Automotive and Electronic industries are getting involved with Surfing. The time is now upon us to step up to the mark and use our professional skills to take care of the bravest among us. 

European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) presents the 3rd Annual EASD Conference in Surfing Medicine
09-13 September 2014
Mullaghmore – Sligo – NW Coast Ireland
“Taking Surfing Medicine to Extremes”


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