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Twin Fin Fever: Mattashapes launches new T20 design



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Surfboard design celebrates shaper's history

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 May, 2017 - Mattashapes announced today the launch of the T20, a high-performance twin fin based on a 1980s design by Miguel Aragão.

Nuno Matta worked with Miguel Aragão to bring the shape back to life, but also to tweak it a bit to modern standards. While last year saw many new twin fins hit the market, most had three or even five fin boxes, the T20 is pure twin with just two boxes. You can read the full press release below...

Today we are celebrating a special day: today marks 20 years of handcrafting surfboards for Nuno Matta as a shaper. It makes him look back to his first love, his first surfboard shaped by Miguel Aragão in 1984!

To make the celebration and the appreciation for his life's work come full circle he decided to bring that very first surfboard, the board that inspired him to start the journey that brings him to the present, come back to life. Together with the man himself, Miguel Aragão. They reminisced of old times and brought back memories, surfing highlights, talked stories about shaping and they discussed modern day surfing and the balance that they wanted to find in this board;

The T20 - a twin fin build from 20 years of surfing and shaping experience. It has all the flow and pure stoke that Nuno found in this board back in 1984 - the same essence that was so apparent in the 80's/90's era of surfing, but mixed with some modern ingredients to give this board the perfect combination of old school stoke and modern day magic!

The T20 is a special edition surfboard and it offers a whole lot more than you expect from your typical ''Retro Twin''. It has the natural flow of a twin fin, but with a massive boost in speed, drive and maneuverability.

The lines that you can take on a twin fin are different to that of a thruster or quad and we respected those lines, but gave them more quickness and ''fling'' - this board also has the ability to make sharp turns, while relying on those beautiful lines that only a good twin fin can find.

The T20 is made for small conditions to medium sized clean surf. It thrives on those long walls, but will also will give your surfing new spark in small and average conditions where you need to fly over flat spots.. the T20 will transport you to the best sections of the wave, with natural style.

And you will have a lof of fun doing just that, guaranteed!

Cheers to the joys of surfing!


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