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Two simple, super-effective tips for boardbag travel

John John Florence's boardbag mishap © JJF/Instagram



Surf Travel

How to pack your board bag with Shred Show’s Chris Grow

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 July, 2016 - How do you get your surfboards safely and cheaply to your next travel destination? Packing foam and the word ‘because’ may be your best friends here.

The popular Shred Show has launched an informative piece about how to get your surfboards safely and cheaply from Point A to Point B. Chris Grow takes the same sort-of-scientific approach that he uses with surfboard design and rolls it into travelling with surfboards.

For example, when trying to get your boards to fly for free (in addition to being polite) if you use the word ‘because’ you can increase your chances by 30% of getting the fee waived. How? Chris did some research and found that the magic word ‘because’ gives the person at the ticked counter a reason for waiving the board bag fee.

Also know that towels and wetsuits used to pack your board bag do not make good cushions and add greatly to the overall weight of your board bag. Only pack your bag with surfboards, pillows and protective foam.  

Learn heaps more in the video clip below 



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