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UK Wavegarden project gets the greenlight



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UK will have two Wavegardens opened by Summer 2015

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 June, 2014 - Bristol has finlly been given the all clear, and work will begin shortly aiming for a finish date of Summer 2015. Snowdonia's articial wave is also underway now meaning the UK will have two Wavegardens open to the public by this time next year. South Gloucestershire Council will build its £6 million Wavegarden project on the outskirts of Bristol, just to the north of the city.

Wavegarden is widely recognized as the leader in the design and manufacture of wave generation systems, having built a full-scale demo centre in Northern Spain following seven years of research and development.

The demo facility has been designed by a group of Spanish hydrological, civil and mechanical engineers – who also happen to be passionate surfers. It has been tested by the World’s top professional surfers, to rapturous approval but was not, until now, available commercially elsewhere in the World/UK.



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