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US Blanks Chunk of Foam Challenge shapers selected




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Kelly Connolly joins the ranks of Chunk of Foam shapers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 April, 2014 - Four shapers have been selected to partake in The Chunk of Foam Challenge presented by US Blanks. The Chunk of Foam Challenge is one of two shaping exhibitions (Icons of Foam Tribute to Ben Aipa). For the first time ever, a female shaper joins the fray, Kelly Connolly of Los Angeles.

Connolly will be competing against Chris Christenson, Hank Warner, and Mike Estrada. Each shaper will be asked to find a classic surfboard from within a chunk of surfboard foam within a three-hour time limit. The winning shaper will receive $500 and $500 worth of foam from US Blanks. The Chunk of Foam Challenge takes place during The Boardroom May 17 & 18 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Harken back to the days of ancient Polynesian board building. Boards were made out of chunks of wood. If you wanted a board you found a tree. We are tweaking on that concept just a touch. We are challenging a selection of top echelon shapers to create a surfboard out of chunk of foam. That's it. The Chunk of Foam Challenge is an attempt to see who can really shape a good board without the modern accouterments.
The board they will be replicating is the original ...LOST 5'5" X 19 1Ž4" RNF. Made famous in the ...LOST video 5'5" X 19 1Ž4". A partial video description says this: "Chris Ward, Cory Lopez, Andy Irons, Kasey Curtis and friends doing some of the sickest free-surfing imaginable on 5' 5" x 19 1/4" fish by ...Lost.

These guys will surf anywhere--Rockpile on the Rocks, Waimea shorebreak, San Clemente Pier--and they'll go for anything--air 360s, sliding 360s, side-slips in the tube. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't, but they're always going for it and they're always entertaining to watch--fast, loose and creative."  



According to The Boardroom show Director Scott Bass: "We produced two of these Chunk of Foam Challenges in 2013 and they were eye openers. Americans are thirsty for authentic craftsmanship, this unique shaping competition will have attendees glued to the unfolding action. This challenge helps to highlight surfboard shaping, the craft of board building, and the very core of the surf industry."   
Four shapers.
Each shaper will receive three hours in the shaping bay.
No template.
No pre-fab rocker.
No modern measuring devices.
No measuring the board.
90 seconds to fondle the original board.
Can not touch the original board during the 3 hours.
They may use only one power tool of their choice.
A hand saw.
A 10" piece of string with a nails at each end.
Hand sanding devices and finishing tools.
In addition to the Chunk of Foam Challenge, The Boardroom also features many exhibits and demos including the highly anticipated Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks honoring legendary Hawaiian shaper Ben Aipa.
WHO: Surfers from all over
WHAT: Latest & greatest surfboards & gear for Summer 2014
WHEN: May 17 & 18, 2014
WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Wyland Exhibit Hall
WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things: 1) waves and 2) the equipment to ride them.

Two days of surf culture including the world's FINEST contemporary surfboards, designs, technological innovations, fins, wetsuits, board bags, leashes, cameras, accessories, techy gadgets, board shorts and surf gear; plus live shaping & laminating, exhibits, demos, art, music and good times.

Scott Bass

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