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US Blanks partners with Surfoam Central America



Industry Updates

Deal sets up distribution through Costa Rica

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 August, 2014 -  US Blanks is proud to announce a partnership with Surfoam Central America.  Founded in early 2014 by Curtis Custer, Surfoam will be the exclusive distributor of US Blanks throughout Costa Rica. The longtime surf destination has historically struggled to develop a reliable and competitive board building industry, due to inaccessibility of materials.  Recent legislative amendments have helped to streamline import and export commerce and in doing so have stimulated the local economy.

“Previously, individual board builders were making a large investment by purchasing a container of blanks and then working through that inventory, which oftentimes took upwards of 12 months.  The business model was very difficult to sustain and resulted in high costs for the final product.  Boards were commonly retailing for $700 and up, which is simply too expensive.  Surfoam Central America is a centralized wholesaler, supplying all board building materials at internationally competitive pricing.” Curtis Custer

In additional to supplying Costa Rican shapers with building materials and traveling surfers with locally made board, Curtis plans to operate as a hub for US-based shapers looking to expand their businesses internationally.

“We are ideally situated to service and supply Central and South America.  We’ve built a shapers oasis, a mere 5 hour flight from LAX.  With shaping bays, a glassing facility, and an AKU shaping machine, we have built a first-rate production facility.  Through our Shaper Residency Program, international shapers will be able to replicate their exact processes with the exact same materials, here in Costa Rica.  And we’ll be able to offer those iconic surfboard brands in regions where they previously were unavailable.  Further, it allows us an opportunity to expose the local shaping community to industry leading shapers to help further bolster their experience and knowledge set.” Curtis Custer

US Blanks is honored to partner with a brand who shares our commitment to quality and a shared goal to organically grow a local community of board builders through conscientious and sustainable business practices. Made entirely in the USA, US Blanks has warehouses in California and Florida and distribution partners worldwide.



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