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US Blanks release hi-performance polyurethane foam


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US Blanks Goes High Performance!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2008 : - - Los Angeles, Ca - US Blanks, LLC. is proud to announce the release of their new high performance polyurethane foam formulation effective immediately. In responding to the growing demand for a light density, high performance surfboard blank, US Blanks has responded with what will be named their new RED density.

“We are very pleased to offer this new formulation which was specifically designed for the high performance and team rider market,” says US Blanks President Kimberly Thress. “Our goal was to come out with a light density foam with higher compressive strength properties to hold up to the rigors and demands at the professional level. The tight, compact cell structure, light weight and excellent flex properties make our new Red density the perfect choice for shapers and board builders striving to achieve the highest levels of performance”.

In keeping with tradition US Blanks will continue to offer their standard formulation in the widely accepted and ever popular Blue, Green and Classic densities. “Our original formulation will continue to be available in the standard Blue density as well as the Green and Classic,” says Thress. “This formulation has also undergone a transformation in the past 6 months. The change has been very well received by our customers who are extremely pleased with the updates. In recognizing the fact that our customers have individual and specific requirements we felt they would be best served
by giving them choices that would allow us to cater to their specific needs. By offering our new high performance Red density formulation in conjunction with our newly updated standard formulation, customers can now choose between the best of both worlds to better suit their requirements”.

US Blanks has had a lot more going on than just formulation changes. Thress adds, “It has been an extremely busy summer for us. The formulation and processing changes were obviously our biggest goal, but we’ve also introduced a few new mold sizes including a Stand Up Paddle blank, with a few more coming in the next couple of months. Our EPS production and tooling is currently being updated as well and our latest production clearly stands apart from the rest. Needless to say, we’ve had our hands full”.

US Blanks continues to re-invent and set new standards throughout the industry. To keep up to date on the latest offerings from US Blanks visit their website at or contact their office direct at 310-225-6774.

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