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Video: BIG Tuesday; Biggest Shipsterns ever surfed

Distortion : photo Andrew Chisolm/ASL


BIG Shipsterns Bluff : 17 May 2011

'It was borderline too big' was Marti Paradisis’s call.
'Nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before' was photog Andrew Chisolm’s reaction.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 May, 2011 : - - Huge swells last week produced some of the biggest waves ever ridden at Shipsterns. A small band of surfers tested their mettle against the feared and revered wave. Andrew Chisolm said the waves were among the biggest tackled by locals.

'The height of the waves, the thickness of the waves and the proximity to the's right in front of these house-sized rocks and these guys are putting their lives on the line.' Tasmanian school teacher, James McKeen, copped one of the heaviest wipe-outs.

In effect this was Opening Day at Tassie’s epic slab venue. Most of the surf this La Nina year has been coming from the western Pacific or from flat westerly fetches under West Oz – neither of ‘em any good for Shipstern. Thus there’d been only one small day earlier this year in the 10-foot range, paddled by Mark Mathews, Hippo and others.

But Tuesday May 17 was different. This time the swell – formed off a super-powered SSW fetch flaring directly under their home island – hit direct and hard, almost too hard. “There were 20-footers breaking in a foot of water” says Marti, who with tow buddy Sandy Ryan got there around 11am, three or four hours ahead of anyone else.

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Tim Bonython says; "The biggest day ever surfed at Australia's premier big wave location - Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania"

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