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Video: Makua Rothman takes blind surfer to Pipe

 Derek Rabelo © Bruno Lemos


Video Updates

Koa Rothman and Eli Olson join in the historic session

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 February, 2012 : - - Check out this video of Makua Rothman taking blind surfer Derek Rabelo to surf Pipeline. It is unbelievable. Also in the video, Koa Rothman and Eli Olson. Video by Bruno Lemos. Next time you complain about life being unfair remember this kid, and remember how blessed you are.


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Source: Da Hui Blog

Author: HK / Da Hui

Tags: Pipeline, Da Hui, Makua Rothman, Blind Surfer, Derek Rabelo

Inspiration: Surfersvillage


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