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Video Stranding: Holy Sh*t! That’s a white shark!!

White shark caught on tape stranded in sea of cortez



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Videographer captures rare stranding with video camera, colourful language

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2017 - This could be the world’s most dangerous strand of beach. Dale Pearson waded into the Sea of Cortez this June to capture footage of a white shark stranding. The shark is obviously in water too shallow for its large girth to swim freely. While Dale ventures out to get a closer look in the waist deep water his friend behind him lets out a scream as he steps on a stingray. The friend leaves the water while Pearson continues to approach the great white.

“This white shark was hit by a boat,” says Pearson in the video. “It had two propeller injuries on its back just at the rear of its dorsal fin. The second one was approximately six inches deep. It was bleeding, but lightly."

Dale Pearson went on to say the shark had been spotted along the area’s shallow water over the next few days. He speculated that the inured shark was feeding on stingrays to build up its strength before venturing back into deep water.


According to Earthtouch News it's true that the shark was spotted again a few days after Pearson's encounter. They reported that the shark was alive and well to the relief of local residents.
"A great white shark that briefly stranded in the Sea of Cortez last month has been spotted again – and it's alive and well," Earthtouch reported. "Local residents were concerned after the 14-foot animal turned up with a gnarly propeller gash, but the injury should heal up on its own.

Earthtouch gives further advice for those of you who come in contact with a white shark this summer, saying that if you happen upon one who is struggling, it's best not to go in for a closer look like Pearson did.

While the white shark is not the maneater often portrayed in popular media, memes and movies such as Spielberg's 1975 classic Jaws, an injured animal will lash out at anything it thinks is trying to eat it.

And the stringrays in the shallows that got Dale Pearson's friend? "I got it in my left heel just when I stopped filming," Pearson later noted on his Facebook page.

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