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Video: Taigo, Joan, Axi, LEDs light up at Pukas.....

Axi in San Sebastián by Ritxi III / Pukas


Shapers Bay

Pukas lights up Europe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 February, 2011 : - - Surfing is changing at the speed of light. After introducing GPS speed monitoring recently, the sport is now pushing the boundries of technology. When lights go out in Europe surfers keep riding waves until past midnight.

It's not a Christmas tree, but hey! It could be helpful if you are riding a barrel too deep and it’s dark outside. The leds could help you make the ride of your life. Check out Tiago Pires and Joan Duru surfing on their LEDS as well as Juan Mari Indo explaining how they work in the videos below.




LEDs by Pukas. Surfing with lights! / Pukas


This is a limited edition by Pukas Surfboards, with only 4 surfboards in the whole world with leds blinking. The first ever surfboard with leds was used in a night airshow in Zarautz. People loved it so Pukas decided to let it stay in Zarautz’s craziest night club for a while.
Three new surfboards with better technology and less weight were built. One went to Portugal and Tiago Pires, the second surfboard was Joan Duru’s new toy. And the third, well, the third didn’t last too long as Aritz thought surfing on a solid 6ft. barreling swell on Hossegor’s beachbreaks would look great.

It looked amazing indeed, but it was a 5’6 meant to be ridden for airs or less heavy stuff. No photos or videos for his attempt and the board ended up broken. Ouch! Listen to Juan Mari Indo’s thoughts on the surfboards, a decorator-adventurer-artist who has been key on the development of the LEDs.

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