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Vincent Duvignac and Maud Le Car claim Coupe de France

Women's Finalists © FFS



Coupe de France

La Graviere, Hossegor France
July 2015

Duo win Hossegor event with more stops to come

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 July, 2015 - Maud Le Car and Vincent Duvignac won the Coupe de France of Surfing, organized by the Hossegor Surf Club at La Graviere. The waves were far from epic but enough to give the best French surfers room to move and lock in some solid scores.

Dupont and Thyssen had to watch the final from the beach after being displaced in the semifinals. Feeling inspired, Le Car practically took victory with a first wave high score of 7.30 pts which ended up making all the difference.

In the women’s division there were three to WQS surfers: Justine Dupont, Maud Le Car and Tessa Thyssen.

The men's number one seed Vincent Duvignac dominated the final, being very selective with his wave choice he nailed two of the best waves of the final for a two-wave total of 14.87 points.

The grand finale for the whole tour is scheduled for September.

Vincent Duvignac © FFS



1. Vincent Duvignac (Mimizan surf club) 14,87 pts
2. Tim Bisso (Karukera surf club) 12,70 pts
3. Dimitri Ouvré (A Joe reefer) 11,87 pts
4. Pierre-Valentin Laborde (Hossegor surf club) 9,73 pts

Série 1 : 1. Tim Bisso (Karukera surf club), 2. Dimitri Ouvré (A Joe reefer), 3. Paul-César Distinguin (Hossegor surf club)
Série 2 : 1. Pierre-Valentin Laborde (Hossegor surf club), 2. Vincent Duvignac (Mimizan surf club), 3. Tristan Guilbaud (St Gilles Cx de Vie)

Quarts de finale
Série 1 : 1. Tristan Guilbaud (St Gilles Cx de Vie), 2. Paul-César Distinguin (Hossegor surf club), 3. Tommy Boucaut (Bascs), 4. Edouard Delpero (Bascs)
Série 2 : 1. Tim Bisso (Karukera surf club), 2. Vincent Duvignac (Mimizan surf club), 3. Rémi Cordier (Vx Boucau), 4. Jorgann Couzinet (St Leu surf club)
Série 3 : 1. Dimitri Ouvré (A Joe reefer), 2. Pierre-Valentin Laborde (Hossegor surf club), 3. Ian Fontaine (29 Hood UJAP Surf Club), 4. Gatien Delahaye (Karukera surf club)

Men's Podium © FFS



1. Maud Le Car (SXMW) 11,53 pts
2. Ana Morau (Bascs) 7,90 pts
3. Juliette Brice (Lacanau surf club) 7,77 pts
4. Lisa Girardet (Dodo surf club) 7,23 pts

Série 1 : 1. Lisa Girardet (Dodo surf club), 2. Maud Le Car (SXMW), 3. Tessa Thyssen (A Joe reefer)
Série 2 : 1. Juliette Brice (Lacanau surf club), 2. Ana Morau (Bascs), 3. Justine Dupont (Hourtin surf club)

Quarts de finale
Série 1 : 1. Tessa Thyssen (A Joe reefer), 2. Juliette Brice (Lacanau surf club), 3. Nina Reynal (A Joe Reefer), 4. Victoria Capdepont (Taib)
Série 2 : 1. Maud Le Car (SXMW), 2. Ana Morau (BAscs), 3. Uhaïna Joly (Bascs), 4. neis Lartigue (Bascs)
Série 3 : 1. Justine Dupont (Houston surf club), 2. Lisa Girardet (Dodo surf club), 3. Ophélie 

Couchot (Bascs), 4. Camille Davila (St Leu surf club)


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