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Vincent Duvignac's roll gains momentum

Vincent Duvignac © Falling TV

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Vincent Duvignac interview and 'winter edit' video release

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 April, 2013 : - - There are surprises we just love to receive in our inboxes and Vincent Duvignac's winter clip is one of them. A fun, entertaining song, big winter barrels and carves is just what we all needed before going on the first proper Spring weekend of the year ! We liked it so much that we decided to call Vincent and catch up, here's what he's been up to
ASP Europe: Hey Vincent, congrats on your video, it's pretty sick !
Vincent Duvignac: Yeah thank's, Ludo's been following me around for years now and we work together great. He had a lot of footage that never saw the light of day and decided to put that little something together, to show that I'm still active and out there training and stuff.. I'm in a bit of a struggle without a major sponsor, but I'm stoked on the support I still have from G-Shock, Pull In, FCS, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz and more recently Reef thank's to my manager Andy Higgins and Blue Star Revolution. We're doing everything we can to find a global sponsor and I hope this will help !
ASPE: You're still competing too, tell us how it's going so far ?
VD: I started 2013 in China with two events, the China Cup where I finished 3rd and the 4-Star where I got a 13th.. Then I went to Australia and surfed Newcastle, I had another 13th there and there were a lot of CT guys so it's a very encouraging result for me. I think I have enough points to stick to the Top100 by half year and surf the Primes in the back-end of the season. Next up will be in May with the Prime in Brazil. My goal is clearly to climb up the World Rankings this season and aim for the top spots !
ASPE: How long you've been touring the ASP tours ?
VD: I started in the Juniors when I was 16 with Quiksilver, then when I gratuated I started on the Star tour in Europe.. I never really followed the whole tour, because of financial reasons obviously, but also cause I'm not the kind of surfer that can be away 10 months a year, I need to be home at some point to regroup and refocus.


I can do good in fewer events, selecting the most important and really giving it my whole.. I know I can really be 100% in all the events I choose to enter. This year is a bit special anyway with many events being cancelled so we don't really have a choice..
ASPE: We heard your family just got a little bit bigger too ?
VD: Yeah I just became a dad ! We welcomed little Tom in the family like a week ago..
ASPE: How is this going to affect your career ?
VD: It just motivates me to be honest, it's a huge boost to be a dad now I just want to do my job even better for him too.
ASPE: Surfers seem to be able to mix the family and tour life well nowadays ?
VD: For sure, you see Parko, Josh Kerr and others traveling with kids sometimes and it seems to work well for them ! That's a huge organization though.
ASPE: So apart from that recent change, how's been your winter so far ?
VD: I've been training a lot this past few months, we had some good surf as you can see in the video we got some solid barrels in Hossegor and even here at home in Mimizan. It's a bit harder here up the coast cause it breaks farther from the beach, you need to be lucky in your pick and it's a great training physically too cause there's a lot of paddling involved..
I try to train in all the different sort of conditions available around here, when I'm home and I see a good forecast for Hossegor I usually take the drive down.. Even like if I feel I need to work on manoeuvers I'll go even further down to Lafitenia for example.. I need to find all sorts of surf we get during events.
ASPE: Do you have a coach to train you technically or even physically ?
VD: For all the technical aspects I talk a lot with the French national team's coaches and I try to analyse all the footage I have myself.. I had a great training at the Pôle France too (elite training center) when I was still in school.
As for the physical part I've been training at 'My Mizen Form' it's a cool sports center at home and we've been trying to put together a surf-specific training program.. Because there's always so much time in between events I have to really stay focused and fit.
ASPE: You've been spotted studying as well, what's it for ?
VD: Yeah with all that on my plate I felt it wasn't enough and I started a program with the French Federation to become a surf instructor for the public and also be able to coach competitors in clubs etc. I'm trying to anticipate my post-competition career and there's a lot I can take away from that program as well, I'm always learning.
I have no idea when all that will become handy, I guess it will all depend on my results in the future and my sponsors and all but for sure I want to keep competing as long as I can. But you know being a family man now I do have to prepare for the after..
ASPE: Back to competition then next up Brazil ?
VD: Yeah Saquarema Prime in May and right before that I'll be surfing the Nixon Surf Challenge.. It's a pretty cool event, with 10 surfers somewhere in Europe.. So it'll be an intense two weeks with the Prime following but fun !
ASPE: Speaking of surfers, how's the feeling amongst the Frenchies on tour right now ?
VD: I'm really good friends with Marc Lacomare, Joan Duru and Charly Martin. Last year we did a lot of events together and there's a great team spirit in the crew.. They've all been trying to help me out so I'm really thankful for that. We're all very competitive once the lycra on, but out the water it's great to be cheered on by everyone it helps a lot to have support when you're travelling a long way from home..
ASPE: Well thank's a lot for your time and we'll let you go back to your baby then !
VD: Yeah I have a good diapers session coming up aha ! Thank's.
For more information on Vincent Duvignac, check out his profile on ! Vincent will be competing at the upcoming Coca-Cola apresenta Quiksilver Saquarema Prime in Brazil from May 21-26, 2013.

Source: ASP Europe

Author: Nicolas Leroy

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