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Volcom Lavafish in Lanzarote hits heaps of swell

 Famara action © Vincent Cooke

Volcom Lavafish

Volcom Qualifying Series
Famara Islas Canarias, España
12 - 13 February 2011

Crazy conditions mix up the competitive field, upsets abound

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 February, 2011 : - - This month of February got the Atlantic Ocean delivering swell after swell and good waves to surf all around Europe and as every February we are heading to the Canary Islands for the Lavafish surf series!Last weekend the first stop of the two events took place in Lanzarote, and after a first lay day due to huge swell and onshore winds, the contest started Sunday morning on the beach of Famara with less wind but still some solid conditions.

The first round of Opens was a gladiator deal and some of the favourites such as Manuel Lezcano or Christian Jimenez, went down due to the crazy conditions on the beachbreak. David Lebouch travelled in a long barrel and didn’t race fast enough to get a chance to be spited out, but he managed to win Electric’s Volt Thrower best move of the day during his first heat with a power frontside hack.

Looking for more contestable conditions, the VQS site moved to the spot of the « Muelle » in the Caleta de Famara, where the reef was delivering some ripable rights and lefts. It was the first time a contest was held at this spot and thanks to the locals we could move on with all the next rounds and other divisions.
The day went fast and the surf was good (“el surf es una movida muy gorda”), free pizzas fuelled everyone for lunch and the kids could grab some free products with some beach games. With the tide decreasing and the lava rocks getting closer, the spot knowledge was definitely a plus during the finals.

In the Girls division, Lucy Mc Ateer couldn’t find the sick wave she got during the semis and ended at the 4th place, Melodie finishing 3rd , Mathilde 2nd and Lynn Bate took the win. Congratulations for qualifying to the Champs!

The level was quite good in the Groms division, with an explosive in form Yael Pena taking the 2nd spot with a solid back hand attack, but Alex Bauduin got the best of him with good combos of nice turns and cutback reentries, taking the win, Luis Diaz finishing 3rd and Colbert 4th. The Junior division was a battlefield and again the wave choice was critical: the intense short rights or the long lefts…At this game Pablo Fernandez took the win going versatile in both directions; Yeray finishing 2nd, Joshua 3rd and Lewis 4th. 

The Open division final dispatched the talent of locals and visitors, and once again the extra knowledge was decisive. Yeray Gonzalez waited patiently for the bombs and got served with the best wave of the afternoon that he meticulously shredded on his backhand in the last minutes of the heat and took the &st place and won the 400€ on top of his other prizes.

Franito who started strong ended at the second place, pleasing the crowd with his good flow. Taking the 3rd place was the explosive frenchie David Lebouch and brasilian Gustavo Barreto finished at the 4th place. The prize ceremony went down with the Graciosa Island as a background and everybody went home with plenty of prizes after this good day at the Muelle. Stay in touch for next weekend Lavafish in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with supposedly another good swell on the way.

Million thanks to the locals of the Caleta de Famara for sharing their waves with us, to all contestants, judges and the VQS team, to Vincent Cooke for the pics and renaud Deguent for the movie, and to Electric and Seventyone percent for the extra prizes.

1-Lynn Bate
2-Mathilde Gómez
3-Melodie Bohny
4-Lucy Mc Ateer

1-Alex Bauduín
2-Yael Peña
3-Luis Díaz
4-Colbert Stanley

1-Pablo Fernández
2-Yeray García
3-Joshua Braddock
4-Lewis Leadbetter

1-Yeray González (400€)
2-Francisco Sáez
3-David Lebouch
4-Gustavo Barreto

Electric Volt Thrower
David Lebouch (Backside tail out)

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