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Volcom lights up Praia Do Amado Portugal

Praia do Amado © VQS

Volcom Rumblefish

Volcom Qualifying Series
Praia do Amado, Portugal
31 August 2013

VQS Surf Series scores great weather at Praia do Amado

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 September, 2013 : - - The Rumblefish series has been visiting Praia do Amado for a long time. Usually at the beginning of July the event goes off but this time it happened in August and as always, it delivered tons of fun and excellent surfing. For the kickoff of the European VQS season, Amado delivered and even though the waves were small, the kids ripped under a beautiful sunny skies.

If something defines the 2013 Rumblefish it was the record number of Squids and Groms and the surprising quality of their surfing. Especially the squids displayed an unsuspected bag of moves and tricks for such a tender age, the future looks good for Portuguese surfing!.

All of them deserved to be in the final but in the end it was Afonso Antunes, the younger son of former Portuguese champion João Antunes who took the honors winning the whole thing flawlessly. Impressive young kid who along with his Squid mates are a menacing bunch.

Same applies for the Groms who showed lots of maturity, good surfing and a knack for speed. Francisco Almeida was the standout winning if followed by Dillan Growen, Rodrigo Mendo and Marcelo Martins heir of family surfing tradition too. The Juniors (17 and Under division) displayed great surfing also and for the first time a Northern surfer took the coveted glass trophy for first place. João André did it during a disputed final and will represent the Rumblefish in France next Spring.

For the Pro Am the field was smaller than usual and André Faria from Alentejo took the prize also for the first time to his beloved region in a final well battled with Francisco Gambim, Pedro Alcobia and António Duarte. Last but not least, Camilla Kamp won the competition in the Girls division for the second time consecutively, closely followed by Constança Coutinho, Inês Silva and Yolanda Hopkins.

Next Rumblefish surf series will be on praia Matosinhos next 14th of September for another chance to qualify to the European VQS Champs 2014 and we can hardly wait for the 2014 event at Amado again. A huge thank you to the Algarve Surf Club represented by Pedro Alcobia and António Mouzinho fo their hardwork and support.

Same for Sergio "The Legend" Wu who's been with us since day one, to the judges, Zara and everyone who worked making it possible once again. Thanks to Slide Skateboards and our long time friend Miguel Silva for the beautiful glass trophies. Keep those on exhibit kids, it's a piece of art.

Sub 10 (Squids)
1- Afonso Antunes
2 - João Vidal
3 - Martim Paulino
4 - Martim Vanzeller

Sub 13 (Groms)
1 - Francisco Almeida
2 - Dillan Growen
3 - Rodrigo Mendo
4 - Marcelo Martins

Sub 17 (Juniors)
1 - João André
2 - Lourenço Alves
3 - Arren Strong
4 - Francisco Duarte

1 -  Camilla Kemp
2 - Constança Coutinho
3 - Inês Silva
4 - Yolanda Hopkins

Sub 20 (Pro Am)
1 - André Faria
2 - Francisco Gambim
3 - Pedro Alcobia
4 - António Duarte

Source: Volcom

Author: The Editors

Tags: Rumblefish, Portugal, Volcom

VQS: Surfersvillage


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