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The VQS Lavafish rolls through Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Girls winners : photo courtesy Volcom

VQS Lavafish

Volcom Qualifying Series
Cicer, Las Palmas Gran Canaria
6 - 7 February 2010

Elderly lady steals coffee, runs off the esplanade while groms rip

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 February, 2010 : - - Cicer was the meeting spot in Las Palmas for the Lava Fish surf series Gran Canaria,Canary Islands last weekend the 6th and 7th of February 2010.

We were up early and on to the set up at first light with the team to get everything ready before the sign up. In the beginning the conditions were quite big with a lot of water moving around and somebody was picked up by helicopter in the middle of the beach so it was wise to start with the groms in the corner while the high tide was more favorable for the little guys to rip. In the end there was 100+ contestants and for as far as I know the oldest person to ever sign up for a VQS was a Japanese Lady who was 66 who signed up here in Las Palmas but just like I thought it was for the free t shirt and she didn’t compete in the girls division and has probably sold the shirt on J-bay in Japan.

This reminds me of another incident that happened around mid day after another I suppose you can say old lady around the same age who requested a shirt from the contest but as there wasn’t any left I said sorry after looking in the box and when I turned around she decided that she wasn’t leaving empty handed and with hot hands she stole our jar of coffee and slip it under her jacket and smiled and took off down the esplanade thinking that she was home free, I chased and reclaimed what was for everyone to drink after she pretended not to know what was happening and I took it from her jacket.

This event at this time of year is second only to the Carnival that takes place this very same weekend with it being the second biggest carnival in the world next to Brazil. The waves got better through out the day as the sun got stronger and conditions cleaner towards sun down and with us just finishing the event before the night.

The groms surfed the inside reform for their final and managed to get a couple of nice little ones. Juan Ignacio was the strongest on the day and held on to the first position for the win with Nico Aguirre in second chased by Ivan Gonzalez from Tenerife in third and Saul Torres in forth place. As for the Chica’s it was Local Cynthia Borges showing her knowledge of the spot took the win with Virginia Giesen in second spot trailed by Nahir Manduca in third with fourth spot belonging to Blanca Garrido.
The junior final was a heated one with everybody quite close in the end but with Jose Roman being strong all day and strong enough to hold the first place Fish tank ahead of Miguel Santi in second with local Luca Diaz also proving his strength with a muscle costume that he wore for the presentation in third and Manu Sanchez rounding out the final position in fourth.The Opens was a stacked final with everybody winning this division I believe?

Antonio Marques slid and carved into first with style chased by last years winner Damian Morro in second with Julian Cuello in third and carving Aaron Yonez in fourth. The Electric Volt Thrower award was earned by none other than Mr Felix Ortega ,who wasn’t present at the presentation,so Chico complied and excepted on his behalf.

Many thanks for the support of the Lava Fish surf series to Ayuntamiento De Las Palmas,Escuela 3RJ (Chico/Samuel) and Picheria La Vella Italia and to Electric and Aerial7 for the product support.

The Electric Volt Thrower award was earned by none other than Mr Felix Ortega ,who wasn’t present at the presentation,so Chico complied and excepted on his behalf.

1.Juan Ignacio
2.Nico Aguirre
3.Ivan Gonzalez
4.Saul Torres

1.Jose Roman
2.Miguel Santi
3.Luca Diaz
4.Manu Sanchez

1.Cynthia Borges
2.Virginia Giesen
3.Nahir Manduca
4.Blanca Garrido

1.Antonio Marques
2.Damian Morro
3.Julian Cuello
4.Aaron Yonez


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