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Water-saving tips for World Water Day and beyond



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Freewaters offers up water-saving tips, announces contest

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 March, 2014 - There's no shortage of ways to conserve water resources and help those who need clean drinking water. Here's a few easy tips below to get started today.

Go Meatless More Often: “Food accounts for at least half of your water footprint,” says Kai Olson-Sawyer, a research and policy analyst at Grace Communications Foundation. “Eating less meat is the key to reducing it, because of all the water needed to raise the livestock.” Start by skipping red meat more often. It takes 1,857 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef. Pork, chicken, and lamb require much less.
Support Companies that Support Clean Drinking Water: Freewaters footwear supports clean drinking water projects with 1% of its gross sales going towards building clean drinking water wells in Kenya ( For every MiiR hydration vessel purchased, clean water is given to one person in need ( Cascade Designs, the parent company of iconic outdoor brands including Therm-a-Rest and MSR, develops water purification technologies for domestic and international use ( We couldn't name them all here, but there are many other great options to choose from.
Cut Electricity Usage: 49% of all the water in the US is used in our nation’s power plants for cooling and to make steam. That’s seven times more than all US homes, and 1.5 times more than all farms. Turn those lights off, watch less TV, hang dry your clothes and go solar.
Boycott Bottled Water: “Three liters of regular water go into making just one liter of bottled water,” says the NRDC’s Paul McRandle. Many people don’t realize that most large bottled water brands are just purified municipal water, not spring water.
If It's Yellow, Let It Mellow: By making it a new rule not to flush every time, a family of four could save 9 to 11 flushes per day. That’s 45 to 55 gallons a day! Over ONE billion people survive on five liters of water a day, while we use 70 liters just to flush our toilets.
To raise awareness of World Water Day taking place on March 22nd, Freewaters footwear is excited to announce its #CelebrateWater Instagram campaign. Find out more at the Freewaters Instagram link here.

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