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WAVES for Development collaborates with Documental Peruano

Lobitos, Peru © WAVES



Humanitarian Updates

Peruvian based non-profit continues participatory documentaries

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 February, 2014 -- Portland, Oregon - Three years after releasing award-winning short documentary CAPTURE: A WAVES Documentary, WAVES for Development, in collaboration with Peruvian participatory film expert Documental Peruano (DocuPeru), a series of audiovisual workshops is launched. 

Late February / early March mark the month-long pilot session in Lima & Lobitos followed by a two-week session in Lobitos, Peru May 3-17.

From the Sea (Desde el Mar), a short film about the youth of Lobitos fishermen was completed during a two-week period in 2012.  It was the initial foray into the participatory audiovisual documentary space. 

Followed by Ocean Women (Mujer Mar), the women of Lobitos were given a voice, and continued the series related to the ocean.  The third in the ‘Sea’ series will be decided in a participatory manner.

For the last ten years DocuPeru has been leading participatory documentary film making workshops to marginalized communities in and around Lima.  They are expanding their impact to the North of Peru with WAVES.

“Come to Peru and experience it through audiovisual” says Nicolas Landa, Peruvian workshop instructor and DocuPeru audiovisual artist.  

WAVES was created to link passion with purpose; to bridge the educational and economic gap between visiting surfers and members of rural coastal communities, especially youth.  Since 2008, staff and volunteers have enriched the lives over 300 people through Community Outreach, Environmental Health and Entrepreneurship Empowerment programs.  

For more information about the workshops visit:

About WAVES: WAVES believes that travel should benefit the people and the communities where it happens. WAVES creates life-enriching experiences in coastal communities through Education programs that develop youth into healthy & empowered adults and Surf Voluntourism programs that engage travelers & transform their views of the world and themselves. 

About DocuPeru: DocuPeru is a non-profit organization that documents, promotes, produces and distributes decentralized documentary products as a tool for expression, empowerment and development in various regions of Peru. DocuPeru emphasizes themes such as education and interculturality while searching to contribute to the individual and collective development, looking to promote social inclusion and calling attention upon the conflicts in our country (cultural, social, environmental etc.).

Dave Aabo

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