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Waves for Development names Peruvian ambassador


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Roberto Carlos Meza Vallve Named First Peruvian Surf Ambassador for WAVES for Development

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 January, 2010 : - - Roberto ‘Muelas’ Meza, five-time Peruvian national champion and 2006 Pan-American Longboard victor now champions Surf Voluntourism and Educational Surf programs in Peru with WAVES for Development (WAVES). Roberto Meza, one of Sofia Mulanovich’s (2004 women’s world champion) first coaches, currently runs one of Peru’s longest running and most renowned surf schools – Olas

Peru in Lima. Meza was inducted as a Surf Ambassador for WAVES during the inauguration of WAVES Educational Surf Shack (dedicated to WAVES’ original local surf instructor and program assistant Holggers Clavijo - trained by Muelas). Sofia Mulanovich, triumphant in Lobitos at the 2009 Movistar Peru Classic presented by RipCurl, was also present at the inauguration which took place during the women’s Association of Surf Professionals (ASP) competition in Peru.

WAVES for Development, the first organization to offer surf voluntourism opportunities for travelers to surf and volunteer in Peru, began working in Lobitos in early 2008. Its surf voluntourism program in Peru offers volunteers from around the world the opportunity to enjoy great surfing while giving back to the community they visit. Volunteers teach and assist in Educational Surf programs for local youth that include surf lessons, life skills activities, environmental education, and English classes. Additionally, each volunteer carries out an individual community development project during their stay.

Ambassadors are local heroes and top athletes that believe in the mission of WAVES. Roberto joins WAVES affiliate WAVES for Development Switzerland Ambassadors: Laura Hrebec, triathelete; Sven Memod, freeride skier; and Cyril Neri, freeride snowboarder, in their efforts to raise awareness and funds for WAVES. Laura donated the prize money winnings of her second place finish in a Lausanne, Switzerland half marathon to support WAVES’ Surf Voluntourism and Educational Surf programs. Each ambassador makes a unique contribution to the surf-related nonprofit.

Roberto says this about WAVES programs in Lobitos, Peru: “It’s important to help visible surf breaks in need of development assistance, like what WAVES provides – not only surfing, but also education and environmental protection. There’s no better satisfaction and lesson to be learned than helping prepare them (local youth) for their future. To believe in WAVES is helping ourselves.”

WAVES Executive Director, Dave Aabo, adds: “As an organization we’re grateful for all the support Roberto has given WAVES since its inception – encouragement, staff training, connections; I feel blessed to work with such a great team of people whose influence is truly international.” In 2010 WAVES will enter its third year of programs in Lobitos and has plans to expand the Surf Voluntourism and Educational Surf programs in Peru to new coastal communities with unmet educational needs and unrealized sustainable surf tourism potential.

About WAVES: WAVES believes that surf travel should benefit the people and communities where it happens. Our mission is to create life-enriching experiences in coastal communities through Educational Surf programs that develop youth into healthy & empowered adults and Surf Voluntourism programs that engage travelers & transform their world views. Community-based programs promote:

• Cultural Exchange and Understanding
• Environmental Conservation
• Life Skills / Healthy Living
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Sustainable Tourism

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