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Weird surfboards the focal point of Saffa comp



Nixon Weird Surfboard

Llandudno, Cape Town South Africa
22 February 2014

Nixon Presents The Weird Board Contest and Corona Party Wave

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 February, 2014 - Nixon South Africa are proud to present the Nixon Weird Surfboard contest, as well as the Corono Party Wave Invitational event. Both events are fun events, happening on 22 February at Llandudno, and there will be prizes on hand from Nixon and Corona under a number of categories.

The Nixon Weird Board contest has a unique format in which 9 of the top surfboard shapers all shape one weird board each for the 18 competitors, who will attempt to ride the boards with style and class, as well as perform high scoring moves. 

The 9 shapers who will be shaping the weirdness are Eric Stedman, Glen D'Arcy, Simon Fish, Dave Van Ginkle, David Stubbs, Glen Row, Anton Butler, Thys Strydom and Dutchie.

The Corona Party Wave Invitational comprises a one wave competition with lots of laughter and no rules. Refreshments will be available from Corona, and the Llandudno Surf Life Saving club will have a cash bar. The contest promises to be a fun day at the beach for the whole family.

There are still slots available for both events, so if you're interested in riding a weird board, or having a go on the party wave, then contact Mickey Lindsay to reserve a spot on either list, and become part of what promises to be an exciting and very different surfing display. 

Craig Jarvis

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