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Board Design: What did John John ride to victory in Rio?

Winning board is the green one in the middle, The Bastard 2




Board Design

That mystery board is the latest riff on John John's favorite 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2016 - Medina looked unstoppable. So did Adriano. But then John John Florence stopped Adriano. In Brazil. How? Throughout the event John John looked solid and comfortable on his equipment, a Bastard 2 model from Pyzel Surfboards. The design is so new it's not even on Pyzel's website yet.  

So a few moments after John John's victory in Rio we reached out to shaper Jon Pyzel and asked him to tell us more about what was under Florence's feet in the beach breaks of Rio.

The board he's been riding through the whole event is a Bastard 2, which is simply our latest version of his favorite good wave board, the Bastard.  We've just made a few minor tweaks to the original Bastard,  mostly in the thickness flow (foil)  and rail. It's got a rounder, fuller feeling rail that we feel helps to carry a bit more flow. 

The Bastard 2 is just the culmination of work JJF and I have been doing over the past year to keep his favorite shortboard design feeling fresh for him. 

The board he won on was 6-0 x 18.65 x 2.31 26.4 liters with a Round tail. I haven't even released the model on our website yet, but will be putting it up soon.

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