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Who's In? Billabong Pico Alto names names

2012 winner Carlos Burle © Gonzalo Barandiaran

Billabong Pico Alto 2013
Presented Sony

Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour
Punta Hermosa, Peru
1 July - 31 August 2013

Wait period kicks off for Big Wave World Tour event #2 in Peru

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 July, 2013 : - - The second stop on the Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour, the Billabong Pico Alto 2013, Presented by Sony, is celebrating its 11th year at the famed South American big wave spot.  The Contest will run on the biggest and best day between July 1st – August 31st, 2013.
Peru has a long and decorated past when referring to big wave surfing.  Pico Alto was first pioneered in 1965, by Peruvian legends Miguel Plaza, Pancho Aramburú and Joaquín Miroquesada. The event started as a contest for Peruvian big wave surfers and in 2009, Pico Alto joined the Big Wave World Tour.
The event has become a spectacle for visitors and fans alike to witness the worlds best big wave specialists’ tackle the huge, long walls of Pico Alto.  Competitors, staff and logistical personnel will have between 48 -72 hours to descend on Punta Hermosa, 43 kilometers South of Lima, Peru, when the surf reaches a minimum of 30 foot faces with clean surface conditions.
Last year’s runner-up, Greg Long, is the current Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour Champion and is eagerly awaiting the start of this year’s Pico Alto event.  He will be accompanied by past Tour Champions, Carlos Burle 2009/10, Jamie Sterling 2010/2011 and Peter Mel 2012/2013, and local Peruvian standouts, Gabriel Villaran, Jose Gomez, Rafael Velarde, Sebastian de Romana, Javier Swayne and others.
This year’s event will host a $50,000 prize purse with the champion taking home $12,000 USD and a live webcast hosted by Xpreshon, which is expected to reach more than 75 countries worldwide.
This year’s Billabong Pico Alto 2013 is presented by Sony and hosted by Monster Energy, Corona Extra, Vonzipper, Nixon and Xpreshon.

This Year's Invitees:
Greg Long (USA)
Jamie Sterling (HAWAII)
Peter Mel (USA)
Carlos Burle (BRAZIL)
Ken Collins (USA)
Gabriel Villaran (PERU)
Zach Wormhoudt (USA)
Ben Wilkinson (AUSTRALIA)
Joao De Macedo (PORTUGAL)
Ramon Navarro (CHILE)
Jeff Rowley (AUSTRALIA)
Alex Martins (BRAZIL)
Grant Baker (SOUTH AFRICA)
Mark Healey (HAWAII)
Kohl Christensen (HAWAII)
Shawn Dollar (USA)
Makua Rothman (HAWAII)
Alex Gray (USA)
Jose Gomez (PERU)
Rafael Velarde (PERU)
Javier Swayne (PERU)
Gonzalo Velaso (PERU)
Kodiak Semsch (PERU)
Rafael Otero (PERU)

Jaime Venegas (PERU)
Aaron Ungerleider (HAWAII)
Marcos Monteiro (BRAZIL)
Will Skudin (USA)
Frank Solomon (SOUTH AFRICA)
Grant Washburn (USA)
Nic Lamb (USA)
Rusty Long (USA)

Source: BWWT

Author: The Editors

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