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Why Belgium & Holland grow a fearsome crop of competitors



Team Updates

Copper medal at EuroChamps & O'Neill Jackpot showcase talent

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 October, 2015 - The low lying land are well known for lots of things... Things such as chocolate, tulips and wind mils (of cause that's leaving out most peoples favorite)... I'm talking about the Benelux (Belgium and Holland). One thing it was never seen as was a surf nation. This changed recently when they claimed the copper (4th) medal at the European Championships down in Morocco last month. 

Prior to this event most other nations wouldn't bat an eyelid over them as a contender to the top 5. People were amazed not only by the overall result but also by the quality of surfing. This didn't happen over night with a bunch of imports that didn't even speak the language. No, it came with blood, sweat and hard ass work.



The waves in the low lands aren't so frequent and sometimes would have you wondering if they seized to exist. However the guys here work so dam hard on their fitness and in the office on the flat days, that when the swell arrives they spent the whole day in the water.

This is not the end though, the surfers here believe in working even harder in and out the water to push the level to one day rival the best. Its clear to see that cold water destinations have been getting more and more popular over the past years with places like Norway and Iceland getting heaps of exposure from all around the globe.

Its refreshing (no pun intended) to finally see this movement. Although not having beach breaks like Hossegor or river mouths like Mundaka, the waves get super fun and rippable, even world class on the odd occasion with a vibe unlike any other place you'll ever surf. 





Shortboard MEN
Remi Petersen (NL)
Pascal van der Mast (NL)
Kaspar Hamminga (NL

Tom Boelsma (NL)
Fabian Salawanej (NL)
Keith Marcantuoni (BE)

Shortboard WOMEN
Dominga Valdes (NL)
Mirna Boelsma (NL)
Jasmine Debeer (BE)

Michael Schmitz

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