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Why your New Year's resolution should include learning to surf




Top Reasons Why You Should Start Surfing In 2018

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 February, 2018 - Finding a brand new hobby for the New Year is always a good idea for those wanting to live life to the fullest. While cheerleading or swimming are often common choices, why not consider surfing? There are many benefits that come with surfing, including both physical and social, so you can kick off your 2018 positively. Whether you want to see the world more, or simply want to try a new workout, complete your EHIC card renewal and pack your new surfing gear – here are the reasons why!

It’s A Fun Way To Lose Weight
It’s no secret that one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, so if you’re bored of going to the gym or you’re simply finding exercise a little tedious, surfing is a great way to receive a full body workout in a fun and exciting way! There are many fads going around currently concerning the ‘perfect blend’ of both cardio and strength training, however surfing is one of the few activities that genuinely combines the both. From using all of your muscles to stay balanced on top of your board, to paddling out to the riding waves, you can rest assured that you’ll be losing some weight by surfing in 2018!

You Have A Great Excuse To Travel
Most countries have at least a couple of surfing hubs perfect for both beginners and artisans, but regardless, taking up surfing gives you a great excuse to travel the world and find hot spots that are ideal for catching the most epic wave! When passionate about surfing, you get to enjoy these locations a lot more than if you were a simple beach bum looking for a location to get a sun tan on. This way, you get to explore new territory as well as make friends within the surfing community, which we’ll move onto next.

You Can Make New Friends
The surfing community is a very close one. Perhaps you’ve met some toxic people that you want to leave behind in 2017, yet looking for some new, compassionate friends to fill those empty spaces. If so, starting surfing in 2018 is a great way to meet likeminded people and to have a great time with them! Whether you attend newbie surfing lessons and develop your skills alongside many others, or you’re already out on the water and meet some other avid surfers, there are many opportunities available to socialise with others and make some friends all over the world!

You Can Get Closer To Nature
When travelling simply for a holiday, you can sometimes fail to get up close to nature and instead admire it from afar. When surfing abroad however, you get to witness nature in a completely unique way, getting up close and personal to the ocean and potentially any marine life depending on your chosen surfing destination. With such a beautiful perspective on nature, you can start to develop a respect for the ocean, as you rely on the waves to surf properly and you also get to see the effects of pollution on the ocean first-hand, helping you to take a stance against it.

As you can see, starting to surf in 2018 isn’t just a way to obtain a new hobby, but instead allows you to see the world from a completely different perspective, as well as make likeminded friends who could stick by your side forever!



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