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Wiggolly Dantas claims Latin American Billabong Pro Jr



Winners : photo ALAS

Billabong Pro Junior

ASP Grade 1 Pro Junior Men's Event
ASP Grade 1 Pro Junior Women's Event
Punta Rocas beach - Perú
21 - 23 September 2007

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Wiggolly Dantas won the Latin American Billabong Pro Junior
Wiggolly Dantas ganó  latinoamericano de surf Billabong Pro                 > Espanol
Wiggoly Dantas campeão do Billabong Pro Junior Series no Peru               > Portugues

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 September, 2007 : - - Sunday the Billabong Pro Junior was finalized with a Brazilian victory. This first qualifying stage to the world-wide Pro Junior of Australia was characterized by the great size of the waves that were given for the Pro Juniors that compete in the ALAS Tour and in the ASP.

The first places were defined by thousandth. The Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas prevailed with an average of 13.50 points, really close to the also Brazilian, the Vice world-wide Champion Charlie Brown who obtained 13.35 points. Thirdly, the Uruguayan Marco Giorgi, marked 13.15 points representing the rest of the Latin American region. The final was a spectacle of good size wave`s dominion.

With the Peruvian trophy in his hands (a Caballito de Totora trophy), Dantes thanked God: "I am thankful to God for the good waves, everyone has surfed great. I tried to dominate each heat from the beginning of the championship and I obtained it until the final".

Dantas took the first stage of the Billabong Pro Junior obtaining a rewarding victory after dominating waves of almost 10 feet of height; in addition to USD$ 2000 of prize. These four finalists have 50% possibilities assured to represent the Latin American region in the World-wide Pro Junior of the ASP- January 2008.


Finals : photo ALAS


The feminine representation, for this first stage of the Billabong Girls Pro Junior 2007, is Brazilians hands: Gabriela Leite and Bruna Schmitz. Although nothing is definitive until next month when all the Pro Junior gets to compete to Camburi beach in São Sebastião - Sao Paulo by the last qualifying stage. The Peruvians Valeria Solé (4 th in the championship), Alexia Jerí and Brissa Malaga (both semifinalists) are competitors who could cause pressure on this Brazilian dominion in the Ladies Pro Junior category.

The competition day: The waves diminished in approximately 2 feet of height in comparison of yesterday. It caused better conditions for the last day of the Billabong Pro Junior. The surfers have an easy access to the point but once inside the waves had less wall and section than yesterday.

The competition began with the second heat of the third rpund where only two Latin non Brazilian were alive in competition, the Chilean Manuel Selman and the Uruguayan Marco Giorgi. They obtain their pass into quarterfinals, but the Uruguayan Giorgi was the single one who managed into the last round.

Semifinals: Brazilians favorites like Paulo Paulino, World-wide Champion 2004, and Alejo Martins, who obtained the highest wave yesterday, were eliminated in semifinals.

Before the final heat, an Air Show was presented by the Air Company Gol. The 6 enrolled surfers gave a spectacle towards the shore break where the wave`s form allow them to fly and obtain aerial radical tricks. The Brazilian Thiago Camarão gained the prize with a wave of 9.45 points that gave him a ticket Sao Paulo- Lima- Sao Paulo via Gol.

This first stage of the Billabong Pro Junior Punta Roca Perú 2007 was, without a doubt, a challenging Latin American championship for the young surfers who are trying to classify into the World-wide Pro Junior ASP and also accumulate points for the Latin American ALAS ranking. The entrance of a swell that agreed with the championship left all the competitors excited. They competed in a stage that offered first level waves. Punta Rocas shined for it´s big and powerful waves.

The Billabong Pro Junior 2007 Peru, eighth stage Pro Junior ALAS, is thankful to the their sponsors and to those who collaborated of one or another for making the event carried out: Billabong, Air Transports Gol, Sporade, Vonzipper, Nixon, Kustom, Magazine Cosas. To the international press: Sportv, Hard Core, Waves, Flow Girls. Competition accredited with the Association of Professional Surf ASP, through ASP South America and ALAS Latin American Association of Surf.

The Latin American Surf Association
The Latin American Surf Association - ALAS was founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of promoting surfing in Latin America and creating a circuit at continental level that serves like platform of professional competition for the increase amount of surfers in our countries.

In the year 2002 ALAS made for the first time in history a series of events that consecrated the first Latin American Champion of Surf; the Latin American Surf Circuit continued and grew throughout the years, holding fast in the coasts of twelve countries of Latin America.  Today, ALAS controls and executes professional championships in the Latin American level, defining the Latin Champions in the Open Pro, Pro Junior, Woman and Longboard categories.


1 Wiggolly Dantas
2 Charlie Brown
3 Marco Giorgi
4 Ian Guimaraes

Current ASP WQS South American Tour Rankings

1 Wiggolly Dantas Brz 
2 Charlie Brown Brz 
3 Marco Giorgi Uru
4 Ian Guimarães Brz 
5 Ian Cosenza Brz 
6 Giancarlo Zampieri Brz
7 Alejo Muniz Brz 
8 Pablo Paulino Brz 
9 Thiago Camarão Brz 
10 Peterson Thomaz Brz 
11 Eduardo Rollins Brz 
12 Robson Santos Brz 
13 Leonardo Gianotti Brz 
14 Jesse Mendes Brz
15 Ricardo dos Santos Brz 
16 Flavio Nakagima Brz 
17 Felipe Braz Brz 
18 Jeferson Silva Brz
19 Luel Felipe Brz 
20 Franklin Serpa Brz 
21 Bernardo Lopes Brz 
22 Jerônimo Vargas Brz 
23 Icaro Ronchi Brz 
24 Emerson Piai Brz 
25 Marcos Ribeiro Brz 
26 Dodô Veiga Brz 
27 Gabriel Pastori Brz 
28 Magno Pacheco Brz 
29 Adriano Paiva Brz 
30 Renan Borba Brz 
31 Alex Lima Brz 
32 Felipe Cesarano Brz 
33 Matheus Toledo Brz 
34 Raphael Rocha Brz 
35 Alex Ribeiro Brz 
36 Hugo Bittencourt Brz
37 Tamae Bettero Brz 
38 Miguel Pupo Brz 
39 Felipe Teixeira Brz 
40 Thiago Guimarães Brz 
41 Eric de Souza Brz 
42 Andre Pastori Brz 
43 Junior Faria Brz 
44 John Max Brz 
45 Ricardo Wendhausen Brz
46 Bryan Franco Brz 
47 Caetano Vargas Brz 
48 Fabricio Caraça Brz 
49 Tomas Hermes Brz 
50 Renan Jensen Brz 

Click here to view the full rankings

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