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Wishbones footwear works to provide shoes for the poor

A child receives a pair of fresh shoes © Wishbones



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Wishbones pledges 'buy one, donate one' principle

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 March, 2014 - Wishbones, the lifestyle footwear brand dedicated to alleviating suffering from foot infections in developing countries, has introduced a socially responsible ‘Buy One, Donate One’ concept that enables anyone buying a pair to prevent the trauma suffered by millions of children in Africa and worldwide.

Founded by Joyce Yue and Donovan Marais, Wishbones sandals contain an anti-microbial treatment that has been proven to inhibit 99.96% of the growth of over 18 000 bacteria and fungi found on used footwear, leaving your sandals (and feet) fresh and protected.

Having grown up in South Africa and been exposed to the necessity of footwear in the harsh environment, Marais was conscious of the need for durable, washable and breathable shoes that can protect children’s feet and prevent infections, and set out to find a solution.

“Many children in the rural areas suffer from infections such as Hookworm and Podoconiosis (Elephantitis) because of a lack of protection for their feet,” Marais says. “We know the only way to get this product to those in need is to focus on a buy one, donate one strategy where every purchase results in a pair being donated to someone in need on the customer’s behalf.”

“We are also aware that a handout is not a final solution, so for our first donation day we worked closely with the South African Volunteer Experiences (SAVE) Foundation to identify sustainable projects to invest in within our donation communities, such as vegetable gardens and educational material.”

Wishbones are made using flexible, natural rubber with an elasticised strap for optimal comfort. A wedged heel provides additional support while the insole features a 3D embossed pattern for a non-slip finish.

The socially conscious footwear brand has teamed up with some of the top action sports athletes in the world to help share their story. Ambassadors include Susi Mai (founder Mai Tai Kiteboarding Camps), Alberto Rondina (PKRA contender), Robby Swift (professional windsurfer) and Casey Grant (current South African Surfing Champion)

When you buy Wishbones you are not only choosing a comfortable product that will keep your feet odor, bacteria and fungal free, you are also choosing to help the many children who don’t know the comfort of owning a pair of shoes. A pair of Wishbones is donated to someone in need, on your behalf, with every purchase.

Each Wishbones purchase is logged and assigned a unique tracking number.  All giveaways are documented and once your donation pair has been delivered, an email with photos of those you have helped is sent to you.

This is the purpose of Wishbones. Everything is built around the concept of giving back to those in need.


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