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How did the Witzig Bros document the Transition Era?



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John & Paul Witzig pushed, documented shortboard revolution

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 July, 2014 - Everything we know is an a constant state of change. That's the beauty of life. But even though change is a certainty, it still requires a serious push to quickly cause a big change. It takes a big splash, if you will.

A splash that creates a ripple that affects all things and reshapes the world that we live in. That's what Red Bull's new series, The Ripple Effect, focuses on – the people who splashed hard enough to have a significant effect on surfing as we know it today.

The first episode features two of Australia's wildest surfing icons – surf media pioneers the Witzig brothers, John and Paul. And while their storytelling alone is worth your attention (see: classic), you'll come away from the pilot episode with a whole new appreciation for surf media and the men who pushed it forward.




John Witzig, Paul Witzig, Shortboard Revolution, Transition Era, Red Bull Media House
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