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A Women's Longboard Tour first: Swatch Girls Pro China

The ASP Women's World Longboard Tour will hit Wanning


Swatch Girls Pro China
Presented by Wanning

ASP Women's World Longboard Tour event
Wanning, Hainan China
26 - 30 October 2011

ASP Women's Longboard event joins NBA, MLB, FIFA and others with China event  |  française ci-dessous

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 September, 2011 : - - For the first time in the sport's storied history, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) will bring surfing to China this season with the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China hosted by Wan-ning. Running from October 26 through 30, 2011, the ASP Women's Longboard Title event will grace the City of Wanning on the Island of Hainan, and have the distinct honour of crowning the 2011 ASP Women's World Longboard Champion.

"ASP International is thrilled to bring the sport of surfing to China for the first time in history," Brodie Carr, ASP International CEO, said. "China has already served as the gracious host for several successful sporting events including the NBA, the MLB, FIFA, the Olympics, and sev-eral others, and we're thankful for the opportunity to bring the sport of kings to the Far East. We're also extremely pleased to be entering into this endeavour with Swatch and furthering their commitment to women's surfing around the world."

The inaugural ASP event in China, the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China will take place in the idyllic city of Wanning on the Island of Hainan. "The City of Wanning is delighted and proud to host the SWATCH GIRLS PRO," Ding shijiang Mayor of Wanning said. "It's the first ever international surfing event in China, and the city will do its best to make it a success." This will mark the second partnership between women's surfing and Swatch as they already sponsor the Swatch Girls Pro France, an ASP 6-Star women's event.

"The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai shows the importance of China and Art for the Swatch Group and for the Swatch brand," Arlette-Elsa Emch, President of Swatch said. "Art is one of the three pillars of Swatch, along with Fashion and Sport. Emotions are a big part of all three pillars. Swatch is delighted to return to the island of Hainan. After being present with the Swatch Beach Volleyball World Tour events, we're very excited to see the best Longboard female surfers competing in Wanning."

The SWATCH GIRLS PRO China hosted by Wanning will take place on the Island of Hainan from October 26 - 30, 2011.




Championnat du Monde de Longboard feminin différents scénarios pour le titre 2011

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 September, 2011 : - - Dans moins de 6 semaines, l’élite mondiale du Longboard féminin se retrouvera sur l’ile de Hainan pour le Swatch Girls Pro Chine 2011 présenté par Wanning, le premier évènement surf international organisé en Chine. Toutes les prétendantes au titre mondial Longboard 2011 ASP concentrent leurs efforts pour une victoire en Asie.

Et même si dans les faits, Lindsay Steinriede (USA), Jennifer Smith (USA), Ophélie Ah-Kouen (REU) et Kassia Meador (USA), finalistes de la dernière épreuve, le Roxy Pro France, sont les quatre mieux placées pour remporter le titre 2011, rien n’est encore joué, comme l’explique Al Hunt, le manager du circuit Longboard ASP : « Techniquement, chacune des 32 filles en compétition peut encore remporter le titre mais il est vrai que les 4 premières sont clairement favorites ».

La numéro 3 mondiale et surfeuse du team Swatch Kasia Meador se réjouit de d’aller surfer en Chine, et faire la démonstration de son surf très stylé devant un public nouveau. « J’adore l’idée d’aller surfer en Chine, c’est la première fois et je me réjouis toujours de partir à l’aventure, découvrir une nouvelle culture. Et la compétition s’annonce serrée, le niveau de toutes les compétitrices est très élevé cette année. J’ai hâte d’y être ! »

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