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World Stormrider Guides​ author turns to tidal bores



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World Stormrider Guides author turns to tidal bores

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 July, 2014 - Aegir, baan, barre, benak, bono,flot, guanchao, mascaret pororoca or refoul : those are the many names used to describe the tidal bore, that unique river wave created by big tidal ranges and shallow estuaries. This phenomenon happens in about 20 countries. Among the 78 rivers which experience this phenomenon France, along with England, is one of the main countries that host a dozen tidal bore rivers

Unlike the lightning which you see before you can hear it, the tidal bore can make a big roar before anyone can see it. That is the unbelievable story of a wave that can travel inland of some rivers for several hours and more than 100 km. The phenomenon, not entirely understood by scientists is a rare and fragile result between the quiet flow of the river and a powerful surge of the tide, highly depending on water levels and the river bed bathymetry.

Not long ago, the Seine river near Paris, would suffer from 8-10ft waves which would cause shipwrecks and drownings. In Gironde and Baie of Mt St-Michel, it pushes a gentle rolling waves which can attract hundreds of riders of all kinds and thousands of watchers.

And abroad, the author takes us around the world in the United Kingdown and his moody Sabrina, through the high latitudes of Canada and Alaska, as well as the Himalaya of riverq, throughout the Amazon basin in Brazil. And finally, the terrific and unexpected surges and splashings of some Asian rivers in China (the mighty Silver Dragon on Qiantang river) Indonesia (The Seven Ghosts aka Bono) as well as Malaysia (benak)

“Waves are everywhere to be found, it’s only a matter of frequency and quality”. Here is the motto of Antony “yep” Colas, who has been extensively travelled the surfing world for the last 30 years. Journalist and photographer since 1995, he’s the author of the World Stormrider Guides, which have been sold more than 150,000 copies in 22 countries.  

Among the diversity of waves, tidal bores have slowly become Antony’s favorite playground since 1998 first experience. Initially on Dordogne and Garonne rivers with Fabrice, his brother expert in the french mascaret, where they bought an old Zodiac to scout the main sections.

Then, across the world, through heaps of expeditions, which have been published in surf magazines or filmed and broadcast in various channels, including the Bono in Indonesia, which has been Antony’s most glamourous finding in 2010. That unique self-produced book represents 15days of search and look carefully, you will understand that more tidal bores are to be found and revealed on the planet. More playground for bore riders, despite the mud, the silt and potential wildlife like the odd croc or snake.

-    Riders : surfers, paddlesurfers, kayakers, jetskiers, boat users
-    Watchers : natural phenomenon lovers, tide addicts, river users

Sous – titre : l’onde lunaire
Prix : 33 € 
Format : 22 x 28 cm (idem Stormrider)
Pages : 268 color pages (text & photo : 40/60)
Weight : 1,17 kg
Publisher : YEP 
Language : français (english version will be out within 6-8 months)
ISBN : 978-2-9510162-1-7
EAN : 9782951016217
Issued : July 2014

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