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World's northern-most surf contest lights up

Unknown rider (left) and Shane Desmond


Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters

Unstad & Flakstad Norway
10 - 13 October 2013

Santa Cruz Surfer Shane Desmond Takes First Place in 35+ Class

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 October, 2013 : - - Against the backdrop of a breathtaking Norwegian landscape, the 7th annual Lofoten Masters international surf competition concluded Saturday, October 12, after three days of thrilling competition in the frigid waters above the Arctic circle. The event—the world’s northernmost surf contest—drew almost 100 surfers from around the world.

Winners were announced Saturday night at the closing ceremony, held at the Lofoten Viking Museum. Each winner took home a traditional Viking sword as a remembrance of a surfing experience they won’t soon forget. 
California surfer Shane Desmond represented Nordic Naturals, the event’s main sponsor, as part of Team Nordic Naturals. Desmond reflected on his first experience surfing in Norway. “Lofoten Masters was an amazing adventure. It was an honor to represent Nordic Naturals in Norway and see firsthand the beautiful land, the fjords and mountains,” he said.

“A highlight was the hospitality of the Norwegian people and spending time with surfers from around the world. Ultimately, it was fantastic to get good waves and accomplish my goal to win my Master’s Division.”
Organized by surfers for surfers, the Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters is a unique, independent event hosted by Unstad Arctic Surf, the world’s northernmost surf school, and by two board riders clubs, Lofoten Ekstremsportklubb and Arctic Surfers. Looking to next year, founder and organizer Tommy Olsen said, “We are already planning an even better event for 2014.”
Joar Opheim, CEO of Nordic Naturals and a Norwegian native, attended the festivities. “This was a special event that shared the warmth and beauty of my homeland with the world,” Opheim said. “We are very proud of Shane and all those who participated in Lofoten.” 

1. Luca Petersen Guichard | Norway/Portugal
2. Remi Pettersen | South-Africa
3. Freddie Meadows | Sweden
4. Timothy Latte | Sweden
1. Gilvanita Ferreira | Brazil
2. Jannicke Aasen (1. plass NM) | Norway
3. Åse Ødegård (2. plass NM) | Norway
4. Camilla Pedersen (3. plass NM) | Norway
Norwegian Champions Open
1. Åge Obrestad
2. Andreas Møgster
3. Lars Monsen
4. Mikael Bones
Masters (35+)
1. Shane Desmond | USA
2. Fernando Odrio | Spain
3. Dudu Melao | Brazil/Norway
Norwegian Champions Masters (35+)
1. Frode Goa
2. Rune Westre
3. Erik Hammer
4. Ronny Olsen

Lofoten Masters Longboard
1. Roar Berge | Norway
2. Julius Vegas | Norway
3. Katrine Røed | Norway
4. Per Benjaminsen | Norway

Lars Benjaminsen
Anker Frantzen
Ole Benjaminsen
Pia Breivik

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Shari Hindman

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