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WQS ratings solidified as final event closes at Sunset

Dusty Payne : photo ASP/CI by Kirstin via Getty Images

WQS Updates

Dusty Payne jumps from 18th to 9th in ratings

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 December, 2009 : - - Coolangatta -- What a great ending to the 2009 ASP WQS season with perfect 10-foot Sunset Beach surf and ASP World Tour No. 1 and 2 along with Hawaiians Sunny Garcia and Dusty Payne in the Final.

Congratulations to Joel Parkinson for his win, and even though Sunny may have came second, he now gets a start in next week’s Billabong Pipeline Masters and Payne qualified for the 2010 ASP World Tour, ending up 9th on the 2009 ASP WQS ratings.

The final 15 were pretty well set coming into the ASP WQS 6-Star PRIME O’Neill World Cup, but Dusty powered from 18th to 9th, pushing out Joan Duru, who was tied with Blake Thornton. Fortunately for Blake, on a countback, the Australian stayed in the ASP WQS Top 15, qualifying for the 2010 ASP World Tour.

For Joan, the year is not over though as Jay Thompson still has a chance of making the ASP World Tour Top 27 ,and if he does, he will not need his ASP WQS spot, opening it up for Joan to become 15th.

The final 15 ASP WQS qualifiers for the 2010 World Tour are:
Ross, Daniel AUS
Gudauskas, Patrick USA
Andre, Jadson BRA
Melling, Adam AUS
Wright, Owen AUS
Munro, Luke AUS
Thompson, Jay AUS
Yeomans, Nathan USA
Payne, Dusty HAW
Simpson, Brett USA
Wilkinson, Matt AUS
Gudauskas, Tanner USA
Logie, Travis ZAF
Polo, Marco BRA
Thornton, Blake AUS

Australians taking nearly 50% with 7, USA with 4, Brazil with 2 and Hawaii and South Africa 1 each. The big movers at Sunset were Dusty Payne 18-9, Tanner Gudauskas 16-12, Bernardo Miranda 22-17 and Van’s Triple Crown Rookie of the year Alejo Muniz 38-26.

For Drew Courtney and Rodrigo Dornelles, the news was not good as Tanner and Dusty edged them out of the Top 15. Drew ending up 18th and Rodrigo 19th.

That’s it for now. Back with the women’s final Top 6 after the Billabong Pro Maui ends.

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Al Hunt / ASP WQS Tour Manager

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