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WSR founder leaves, says Hawaii must be next Surfing Reserve

Brad Farmer with Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning



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Brad Farmer pushes for Hawaii to be ninth World Surfing Reserve

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 March, 2016 - The last request of resigning Surfing Reserves founder is that Hawaii be recognised and declared the 9th World Surfing Reserve in 2017. Australian Brad Farmer, who conceived Surfing Reserves in 1993, believes that Hawaii has been overlooked for eight years and must naturally become the next World Surfing Reserve.

“After the inception of the WSR movement in 2008 and the Declaration of three Hawaiian sites as National Surfing Reserves in 2012 with support from Sen. Fred Hemmings, its high time Hawaii is included in the WSR family,” Mr Farmer said from the Gold Coast.

Hawaii, is without doubt or question, well ahead of the criteria selection of all other surfing locations.

Farmer, the Surfing Australia Hall of Fame Surfing Spirit recipient for Surfing Reserves, has written to the World Surfing Reserves Vision Council requesting that Hawaii no longer be delayed.

“It’s crazy and inappropriate that Hawaii is still not yet a World Surfing Reserve,” he said. “Bali, Europe and many other potential candidates must hold off in the pecking order until the ‘ground zero’ of Surfing is included if the World Surfing Reserves program is continue to enjoy any real credibility among the world surfing community.”

“Duke Kahanomoku would want it and so does the entire surfing fraternity,” Farmer concluded.

Farmer, after 40 years of advocacy has announced this week that he will be stepping down from many of his public roles in the surfing sector to finally just ‘go surfing’.

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