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Xavier Rudd jams at benefit concert for Project Clean Uluwatu

Xavier Rudd & band jam at Uluwatu © ASC



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Xavier Rudd & friends jam out above Uluwatu's magic lineup

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 April, 2014 - “The show we played at Uluwatu Surf Villas for Project Clean Uluwatu was full power ocean church." said Xavier Rudd.

Project Clean Uluwatu is proud to announce that over US$ 21,000 was raised at last week’s Xavier Rudd benefit concert held at the Uluwatu Surf Villas on March 26th 2014. The all-for-charity event brought in over 600 fans and supporters, happy to raise funds for continued environmental work at the legendary Uluwatu beach.

"We are so excited to see the momentum continuing to build around this initiative after each fundraiser,” said Tim Russo, chairman of Project Clean Uluwatu. “With another successful event completed we are confidant that each year we can fund the necessary projects and continue paying for the costs of keeping Uluwatu clean."

"The magic of holding a benefit concert at such a unique and beautiful location like Uluwatu surf villas truly inspired everyone."

Doors opened under sunny skies at 4pm, with many heeding the call to come early and enjoy the cliff-top view of Uluwatu’s peeling waves,  along with opening musicians DJ Loch and Dustin Thomas.  The event stage was placed at the lower section of the property, with the expansive lawns, traditional wooden villas and pool terraces rising above forming a natural amphitheater with ample space for all visitors.

Framed by a sky awash in the colors of the setting sun, Xavier Rudd took to the stage and played for over two hours for a high spirited and engaged crowd. The Australian artist, surfer and environmentalist commented:

“The show we played at Uluwatu surf villas for Project Clean Uluwatu was full power ocean church. A special gathering of earthly folks at sundown, paying respect to our oceans and country. I was super inspired by the action plan in place by Project Clean Uluwatu. I see a lot of great ideas on my travels, but unfortunately more often than not things don't translate into action."

"I'm so impressed by these guys and their dedication and hard work towards keeping our beautiful earth sacred and clean and was proud to be able to join forces. One love, one mob, one direction for change!”

The night proved to be a gathering of like-minded and environmentally-conscious people — a landmark event for Uluwatu. PCU manager Curtis Lowe and co-founder Ollie Crowell were thankful. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received,” said Lowe. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many happy and positive people together in one place before. This was an amazing experience.”

After two encore songs to a frenetic all-ages dance pit, the successful night wound down under a bright star-filled sky and many headed to Single Fin bar for the official after party. Single Fin and Project Clean Uluwatu will be hosting movie nights every Friday beginning April 11th.

Project Clean Uluwatu would like to thank everyone who supported the event: the fans, the sponsors, the volunteers, the Uluwatu Surf Villas & staff, and the Uluwatu locals for making this all possible.

We would like to thank our partners who have helped make this event possible. Bali Spirit Festival for bringing us the opportunity to put on an event with Xavier Rudd, as well as Drifter Surf Shop, Surf Yogi's, and Morning Light Yoga were all key in making this event a reality. Please visit their websites and social media to learn more about them.




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