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How Ben Bourgeois and Chris Curry live, capture & share their trips

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 June, 2016 - We got the amazing opportunity to head down to Nicaragua, where the constant breaks and swells are unbeatable. We were joined by professional surfers Ben Bourgeois and Chris Curry, and they certainly showed us what they can do in the water. Nicaragua was an easy choice to visit because of its perfect conditions almost year-round.

This video proves what the back angle can do for surf filming. Both Ben and Chris discuss the advantages of this new, unique angle. Behind the athlete, this angle can capture incredible views of the surfer, the water ahead of them, and especially the views of deep barrels.

Most importantly, because of its back position, these cameras and products don’t hinder the surfer’s performance. XSories products are specifically designed to lock at the angles you are looking for so instead of focusing on your camera, you can focus on the waves ahead. We had a lot of fun using our XSories products to get the perfect shots of these two pros.

To film these back angle shots our surfers used XSories’ Fix Tilt Shoot, Ushot, and Ufloat. With this light-weight and advanced equipment, we were able to show off the amazing views that can be taken from the back.

The Fix Tilt Shoot and the Ushot are perfect for attaching any action camera to your board. They can be attached at the back of your board by magnets or a suction cup, making it easy to film your waves.

The Ufloat, a floatable handle attachment, was used by the swimming cameramen to ensure their cameras stayed afloat. It is important to have so you don't lose your camera or impressive shots.The Stuffler waterproof duffle bag is an essential beach bag to keep your equipment dry and your beer cold.

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