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Nature design-based S-Wings Biomimetic Fins launch





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Next step in fin evolution inspired by designs found in nature

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 September, 2015 - Surfing fins have not evolved much over the last 50 years in any radical way beyond when George Greenough altered the previous square design to mimic a dolphin fin-like foil. In nature we see the diversity of the equipment used by fish for acceleration, cruising, maneuverability etc. S-Wings surfing fins have drawn upon this natural diversity found throughout underwater evolution.

Inspired by these designs found in nature, the new S-Wings Biomimetic Fins help increase speed at take off and when coming out of turns. 


S-Wings have been tested and developed by a passionate group of surfers and scientists to bring a revolution to surfboard fin design.

The S-Wings design has been tried and tested by a core group of surfers now including: Grant "Twig" Baker, Jérôme "Sanglar" Sahyoun, Thomas Lafonta, David Leboulch, Manu Portet, Gégé Brasset, Seb Sahyoun, Romain "Pénible" Gilles, Xabi Lafitte & many more.

A limited edition of S-Wings fins will be released Fall 2015.



Interested parties can sign up to the S-Wings website and social media page for exclusive news, demo days and sales information.



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