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Another change-up for the Mavericks Invitational

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Big Wave Updates

Cartel Management takes on Mavericks event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 June, 2014 - The Mavericks brand and its powerhouse big wave surfing competition, "Mavericks Invitational" announces its partnership and acquisition by Cartel Management Inc. Cartel has committed to a defined long term partnership, to develop, produce and re-format the most prestigious big wave surfing event in the world.  

Through strategic development of Mavericks' national imprint and global presence, Cartel Management will catapult the coveted Mavericks' identity into the leader of not only surfing, but also the forerunner of must-see action sports. 20th Century Fox films paid homage to Mavericks with: "Chasing Mavericks" starring Gerard Butler in 2012.

"With this new partnership, Cartel Management is gearing up to create the new standard, assembling the world's greatest athletes at the most demanding and dangerous big wave on the planet and delivering it for the world to experience at the highest level."- Jeff Clark, Mavericks Pioneer

Griffin Guess, owner of Cartel Management, initially met with the Mavericks Invitational team to protect the athletes' interests and to advance their personal equity in big wave surfing. With expertise in creative arts, talent management, entertainment media and marketing of top premium brands, Guess's group pairs naturally with Mavericks' exponential possibilities. 

"Mavericks and its talent deserve this innovation and respect. Now is the time to harness its power for the world to experience. These athletes amaze me with each wave ridden; I am honored to take on such an empowering responsibility. I look forward to celebrating these artists of big wave surfing through showcasing the most important wave in history." – Griffin Guess, Cartel Management Inc.

By prioritizing athletes, entertainment and community, the partnership will keep the authenticity of Mavericks and its strong hold on big wave surfing intact while creating a premium entertainment sports platform that will raise the bar of viewership experience and brand quality.

Cartel Management promises to bring a modern-event structure and media framework that will keep the talent and the wave in the spotlight. Cartel plans to deliver blue chip sponsorships, national broadcast partnerships, digital media activations and enhanced global marketing strategies that will provide the ultimate experience for fans while building the brand equity for Mavericks and the Mavericks Invitational.

"When I was approached by Griffin Guess of Cartel Management, his concern for the (talent) was front and center.  Protecting the livelihood of the athletes was the very first thing that gravitated me to Cartel. Everyone can win." - Brian Overfelt, Mavericks Invitational Board of Directors

The Mavericks Invitational stands alone from other surf contests because of the magnanimity of the wave, the environmental dangers the athletes endure and the spontaneity of the event. The largest potential waves show up between November 1st and March 31st each year, making the event's date somewhat unpredictable. The surfers, fans, and popular media thrive off of this anomaly, and governing agencies wait with great anticipation of the ocean's decision. The general public benefits by partaking in the excitement, learning about these massive swells, and respecting the athletes who dare to ride them.

"Mavericks has been such a huge part of my life and I'm really excited to see this partnership make it more successful and powerful than ever. Because of this news, we will see big wave surfing become a popular medium in sports culture." - Shawn Dollar, Big Wave Record Holder and Professional Surfer

Out of Mavericks 15-year history running the contest, the 2010 event produced some of the largest paddle-in waves ever ridden. Shawn Dollar rode the biggest paddle-in wave at that time (55-foot) during the intermission between the Semi-finals and Final. 

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