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ZEAL announces new team rider Chris Del Moro

Chris del Moro © Zeal Optics



Team Updates

Chris del Moro joins Zeal Optics Surf Team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 April, 2014 - When we began putting together the ZEAL Surf dream team, we looked at surfers that brought a few things to the table—an international background, a passion for exploration, a focus on sustainability and the health of the ocean, and a unique style both on and off the waves. At the top of our short list was one name: Chris Del Moro.

We’re incredibly stoked to announce that Chris is bringing his powerful surf style, passion for travel and dedication to saving the world’s oceans to the ZEAL family. We caught up with Del Moro to learn more about what makes him take and why he’s down with ZEAL Optics.

Background - where’d you grow up, inspirations in life, in the water, career highlights, etc.

I was raised between Florence Italy and Los Angeles, California. From a young age, my family had me in the Med and Pacific. I have always been heavily attracted to playing in nature i.e surfing, hiking, skating, snowboarding and traveling. I’ve been blessed to have great family who supported my surfing habit, that helped my habit turn into a job that allows me to do what I love—travel, work for the environment and explore my deep love of surfing and the planet we live on. imageWhat are you into other than surfing? What motivates you?

I’m an artist who draws inspiration from my travels. It’s the way I document my journeys and express myself best. I also love to practice yoga, which is essential to keeping my mind and body in alignment for surfing and life. I have always been attracted to the great outdoors and do my best to keep my routine fresh and exciting. I enjoy gardening, skating, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, reggae music, writing and spending quality time with family and friends.

How’d you get into surfing and what is it about the sport that continues to get you excited?

My cousins taught me the basics, then they quit and found ice hockey. My passion was like wildfire—the connection to the sea has shaped my world, my friends, and general direction since I was born. I’m inspired by progressing my surfing with more power and flow, while simultaneously studying our rich surfing history. I’m eternally looking for barrels and small crowds and beautiful locations to test new equipment and myself. imageWhat are your favorite places to surf? People to travel with? Why?

I love surfing Northern California and it’s large/wild scale. I also love the east coast of Australia and its magic sands. The three people that I enjoy surfing most with are my little sister because of her fresh eyes, my best friend Oli because of our lifelong sea connections, and with Dave Rastovich because of the unique lines he draws. imageWhat are some of your accomplishments that you’re most proud of?

Helping to run the Surfers For Cetaceans group and standing up towards the injustices our sea kin face around the globe. I hope through the noise and energy we put into spreading awareness we have educated and helped grow a unified voice taking a stand against captive dolphin/whale trade as well as mass slaughters that continue around the globe.

On the surfing front I am proud to have been featured in wonderful film projects such as “The Present”, “Sliding Liberia”, “The Heart and The Sea”, and most recently a film I helped create alongside Jason Baffa entitled “Bella Vita”.

What are a few things that most people don’t know about you?

I love basketball and am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. My first language was Italian. I’m a life long vegetarian born into a family of meat eaters.

What’s next for you as far as trips, goals, etc?

Heading to Australia for a few months, then Indo for deep island explorations and hoping for some national parks state side in the summer.

Craziest moment you’ve ever had in the water?

Having a 20-foot plus shark circling and bumping my sail kayak in the middle of the sea. The power and intensity of that moment was unforgettable, scary, and beautiful.

Why are you down with Zeal?

I’m down with Zeal, because I believe that the brand philosophy is of greater good for the planet and the family that support the brand. I love the fact that the team is thinking outside of the box, making not only stylish shades but doing it with the an earth conscious approach and they are made in Italy!

What are your favorite sunglasses and why?

The ACE, not only are they biodegradable but they are a classic frame made in Italy :)

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