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'Zen & Zero' Austrian surf extravaganza tours California



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Zen and Zero, an Austrian Surf Extravaganza, tours Southern California

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 June, 2006 : - - Why do Austrians, landlocked people, shoot a film on Surfing? That sounds like Jamaicans doing a film on Skiing...

This Hunter Thompson-esque voyage from LA to Costa Rica explores the dream of the classic surf trip, executed by generations of surfers since the 60ies. When five landlocked Austrians get on that very road, tracing the footsteps of Allan Weissbeckers Captain Zero, their surf-pilgrimage turns into a metaphysical investigation of the myth of the surfer-dude, part comedy, part philosophical diversion.

"A deft and hilarious odyssey through the backcountry of surfing's soul"

"This is the movie Bruce Brown would have made if he followed Hunter Thompson and Jack Kerouac down to Costa Rica with nothing in his boardbag but Super 8 film and Cuervo."

Southern California tour dates:
(Of course; expect huge raffles!  Win gear from Carveboard, HSS, Utopia Optics, Surf-Co HI and more!)

Manhattan Beach
Thursday, June 15 at 7 & 9 PM at Manhattan Village 6 Theatres

Thursday, June 22nd at the Fabulous La Paloma Theatre 7 & 9 PM

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