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  • 22 Surfboards: One of these will make you a better surfer

    24 November, 2014 - BOARD-GUIDE: Each year surfing gets easier. Wetsuits get warmer and more flexible, while boards get simultaneously more specific and consistent. Since the advent of the shaping machine shapers have been able to take what works with one board, and run with it on another thus creating a line of master craft with the best traits from all previous models.

  • Peru beats Australia, takes gold at ISA China Cup

    24 November, 2014 - ISA: With strong performances on both the Men and Women’s side, Peru won the Team Gold Medal and the ISA China Cup Team Trophy. Australia placed a close second, earning the Silver Medal, Brazil won the Bronze Medal, and South Africa took the Copper Medal.

  • Team China makes history as ISA China Cup launches

    23 November, 2014 - ISA: The opening day of the ISA China Cup was a historic moment for the global development of Surfing as China competed for the first time in ISA history. The 8 participating National Surfing Teams: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and South Africa, along with their 48 surfers, traveled from every corner of the globe to compete for Gold. All the surfers have gathered in tropical Wanning, on Hainan Island in the South China Sea, for the third annual event.

  • Barton the Builder: Mr Lynch on making pre & post pro careers

    18 November, 2014 - INTERVIEW: Barton Lynch is getting tired of people pegging the early days of pro surfing as a grovel-fest held at tacky venues. Because that era is constantly rehashed and reiterated in this tone during webcasts, history is being re-written as such.

  • Dusty Payne victorious at Reef Hawaiian Pro

    15 November, 2014 - ASP PRIME: An incredible come-from-behind victory by Maui's Dusty Payne (HAW) at the REEF Hawaiian Pro may well be the moment that realigns his life. After a torrid couple of years that saw him drop off the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) and sustain some debilitating injuries, he returned to competition here at Haleiwa with a new attitude and a renewed appreciation for the surfing life. Payne was the only surfer in the four-man final to have su

  • Reef Hawaiian Pro hits all-time high for surf, action

    14 November, 2014 - ASP PRIME: After three consecutive days of incredible waves and world-class action, the REEF Hawaiian Pro is being called the greatest ASP Qualifying Series Prime-rated event ever witnessed for the quality of waves and level of surfing. Looking at today alone, of the 142 waves that were counted in final score lines, 113 - or 80 per cent - scored in the good-to-excellent range. Of the 18 heats surfed today, 13 of them included total scores in the excellent range (heat totals of 16.20 points out of 20, or higher).

  • Duru, Lau & David standouts Day 2 of Reef Hawaiian Pro

    13 November, 2014 - ASP PRIME: Seventeen-year-old Kalani David (HAW) took a break from nearby Waialua High School today and posted the highest heat total of the 2014 REEF Hawaiian Pro so far, eclipsing a world-class field with a score of 19.43 out of a possible 20.

  • Reef Hawaiian Pro dazzles & dares opening day

    12 November, 2014 - ASP PRIME: Huge waves of up to 25 feet delivered a dramatic start to the REEF Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa today as surfers from around the world took to the water to compete more against the ocean than each other. The contest is the penultimate event on the ASP Qualifying Series and marks the first stage of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The opening day of the competition was one for Hawaii to celebrate, with the many of the heats being dominated by local surfers as the event ran through 12 heats of Round 1.

  • Dorian 'Doc' Paskowitz passes away at age 93

    11 November, 2014 - RIP: Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz died on Monday in Newport Beach, California at age 93 according to the Times of Israel. His death, following a deterioration in his condition after hip surgery earlier this fall, was confirmed by his daughter Navah Paskowitz.

  • Danny Fuller takes home first-ever pro win at HIC Pro

    9 November, 2014 - ASP: Sweet poetic justice was delivered at Sunset Beach today as Kauai's Danny Fuller won the first event of his 15-year career at the HIC PRO and qualified for the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that begins Wednesday, at Haleiwa. It all went down in triple-overhead surf at a venue famous for being unforgiving, but Fuller, 32, was committed and sharp on his backhand, posting a clear-cut victory in the four-man Final.

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