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  • Holiday Hardgoods Guide - Stuff You Need To Surf

    21 December, 2014 - PRODUCTS: The surf industry is focused on boardshorts, t-shirts and occasionally wireless speakers. But what about the core goods we need to make a daily session do-able? We're talking about hardgoods. You rely on your leash, your fins and wetsuit each session and hopefully you don't have to think about them because that means they're working properly. Yes, wireless bluetooth speakers are sexy, but they won't help you out in the water. In this article is a sampling of equipement we've had the pleasure to get to know.

  • Gabriel Medina crowned 2014 ASP World Champion

    19 December, 2014 - ASP: Gabriel Medina, 20, made history today, becoming the first Brazilian to claim the prestigious ASP World Title, besting an international field of world-class athletes on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). The young Brazilian secured his remarkable world surfing crown at the final stop of the season, the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons on Oahu’s North Shore.

  • Julian Wilson wins the pipe masters
    Wilson wins Billabong Pipe Masters & Vans Triple Crown

    19 December, 2014 - ASP CT: AustralianJulian Wilson has won both the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons, and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing after defeating World Champion elect Gabriel Medina (BRA) in the closest Pipe Final on record. The victory marks his only win of the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) and his second CT win of his career. He pocketed $100,000 for the event win and a bonus $50,000 for the Triple Crown series.

  • Big-wave surfing wraps up inaugural WickrX event

    18 December, 2014 - BIG-WAVE: Twelve female big-wave surfers paddled out at Mavericks on Wednesday as the culmination of a six-week, first-of-its kind production called the WickrX Super Sessions. The event was put together to raise the profile of women’s big-wave surfing. Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms, Bianca Valenti, Andrea Moller, Sarah Gerhardt and others sp

  • Salt Creek turns on for Surfing America Prime event

    17 December, 2014 - CONTESTS: The Surfing America Prime Series scored again as a major southern California storm finished blowing through Salt Creek around 4:30 AM and competitors were greeted with offshore wind groomed 5 to 7 foot peaks. The best U18 surfers in the west wasted no time dismantling the consistent peaks. On Saturday the Boys Under 18 and Boys Under 16 division battled it out until sundown leaving the finals for Sunday morning. San Clemente’s Griffin Colapinto dazzled the judges with a super technica

  • Bonne, Cinta and Dede take top honors in Bali

    16 December, 2014 - Kuta, Bali - The 4th annual Asian Surfing Championships Awards Video Presentation took place on Saturday, December 13th at Mantra Dine & Cocktail Bar in Bali to celebrate and congratulate Asia’s 2014 Men’s, Women’s, and Junior surfing champions. Receiving championship awards this year were Dede Suryana (Cimaja, West Java) in the Men’s Division, Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea in the Women’s Division, Raju Sena in the Junior Division and in a first time ASC award, Cinta Hansel in the Junior Women’s Division. Until this year the ASC has never crowned a junio

  • Wetsuit Review: Body Glove Vapor X Red Cell

    15 December, 2014 - REVIEWS: In a nutshell, the most exciting thing about the new Body Glove Vapor X Red Cell is the interior lining of the neoprene. While fluffy, quick-drying neoprenes with more insulative properties are the norm on wetsuits these days, Body Glove claims their Red Cell lining actually redirects heat back to your body. Let’s back up. OK, a few years ago we discovered that your body heats air more efficiently than water, thus wetsuits with plushier, water repellent linings kept you warmer. The Body Glove Red Cell material looks like several other fluffy interior neoprenes, but the ad-line is that the Red Cell redirects infrared rays back to the body, thus heating more efficiently.

  • Team Chile crowned ISA World Bodyboard champions

    13 December, 2014 - ISA: Team Chile will go down in the history books as the Gold Medal Team of the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship that took place during the first ever ISA World Championship held in the country. The local team defended their home turf and walked away with the World Team Champion Trophy.

  • Slater dominates Round 2 of Billabong Pipe Masters

    13 December, 2014 - ASP CT: Wild, giant surf shut down competition today at the Billabong Pipe Masters In Memory of Andy Irons, but not before 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) redeemed himself to keep his world title hopes alive in Round 2.

  • Nic Lamb victorious at the Punta Galea Challenge

    11 December, 2014 - BWWT: After a day of big rides and broken boards, Nic Lamb has won the Punta Galea Challenge, the first event of the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) Northern Hemisphere window. Conditions on the northern coast of Spain proved challenging in the early stages, resulting in some cringe-worthy wipeouts. But when the sun broke through and the tide dropped out for the Semifinals, big scores started to drop. With the home crowd behind him, Natxo Gonzalez

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Arashi Murata wins Under 12 GromSearch division
Locals take ASP to court over Pipeline wildcards
Brad Gerlach signs on as FCS ambassador
Officials watch tagged white get close to swimmers
Ntando Msibi wins Kushayi’igagasi contest at Dairy Beach


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