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    Nick Manos wins Red Bull Ice Break Nova Scotia Qualifier
    Casey Lockwood : photo Mike Nelson/Red Bull

    Red Bull Ice Break

    Nova Scotia Qualifier event
    #3 of 5 Event Qualifier Series
    7 September - 20 December 2004

    Nick Manos wins Red Bull Ice Break Nova Scotia Qualifier.

    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 November 2004: - - Halifax, Nova Scotia (November 26, 2004) - Strong offshore winds, semi-frigid temperatures and thirty pounds of wetsuit rubber could not slow the Canadian surfers down as a solid south swell created perfect, long walls for the Red Bull Ice Break qualifier at a surf break outside of Halifax.

    Local surfer, Nico Manos, was the one to watch as the goofyfooter repeatedly showcased his mastery of the long, right-breaking waves. His surfing prowess solidified the Halifax surfer one of the five spots allotted for the Red Bull Ice Break main event. Rounding out the remaining four spots were Canadian surfers Matt Healy (Ferguson's Cove), Marty King (Halifax), Lance Moore (Halifax) and Justin Houston (Halifax).

    In his first heat Manos proceeded to attack the waves on his backside with two huge floaters, off the lips and strong carves off the bottom to score an 8.0 (out of a possible 10). As the tide dropped in the afternoon and round two commenced, the waves took on a more steep and dynamic nature. Manos was able to pull off a 9.5 and secure his place to the main event by scoring a total of 26.33 (out of a possible 30) on his best 3 rides. In a close second, Matt Healy displayed powerful surfing as he streaked down the cobblestone point with multiple maneuvers on every wave.

    The Nova Scotia qualifier has been on hold since the beginning of September. Organizers had been waiting for ideal surfing conditions in Nova Scotia before holding the event. When the swell and weather forecasts were consulted it was clear the swell was focusing its energy directly on the Nova Scotian surf breaks. Last year's Ice Break final was held in the same location under perfect winter surfing conditions. Patience proved to be a wise choice, the conditions for this year's qualifier were as good, if not better for Friday's event. A well groomed swell and clean wind conditions provided stellar surfing conditions for all the participants.

    All five winners received a place in the Red Bull Ice Break main event, happening later this winter in the upper reaches of the Northeast and an O'Neill 6/4 Psycho fullsuit, which will keep them warm and toasty in the frigid waters of the Atlantic.

    1. Nico Manos
    2. Matt Healy
    3. Justin Houston
    4. Lance Moore
    5. Marty King

    Event/Series info
    Regional qualifiers are open to the following surfers:
    North Carolina : Surfers from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia and Florida
    New Jersey: Surfers from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland
    Long Island: Surfers from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island
    Maine: Surfers from Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont
    Nova Scotia : Surfers from Nova Scotia

    Five surfers from each qualifier will advance to the Red Bull Ice Break main event taking place sometime between a swell window from March 15 – May 31, 2005. There will be thirty surfers in the 2005 main event (five surfers from each qualifier, 2004 Ice Break Champ, Dean Randazzo, and four wildcards; Billy Hume, Ian Parnell, Scott Posner and Sam Hammer).

    Surfing during the dead of winter off the mid and upper reaches of the Atlantic’s East Coast takes a special reserve of fortitude not found in many people. These surfers who remain committed during the depths of the region’s notorious mean season are some of the most diehard and dedicated in the world. Snow covers the desolate beaches, the water temperature hovers somewhere in the 30’s or low 40’s and the bitter, frozen wind stings those brave enough to face it. Yet, all along the frozen landscape small clusters of these winter warriors congregate. They challenge piercing-cold waves for a few precious moments of a ride. They are truly a breed all their own.


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    Josh Kendrick

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