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    Quiksilver King of the Groms Round 1: Brazil up in colors

    Alejo Muniz (Brz) : photo Damien Poullenot/KOTG '05


    The International Final 
    ASP Europe Under-16 International Event
    Capbreton, France,
    2 to 7 August 2005 

    Scores/Results/Photos/Video etc


    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 04 August, 2005 : - -  The first round of the King of the Groms' main event was completed today in blazing sunshine. The wave condition remained fickle throughout the day, although improvements were expected within throughout the day, but........

    Young Brazilian Alejo Muniz, the 2004 winner of the event then called the Quiksilver Grommets Trophy, is really interested in this year's title. This morning, he posted a 9.65 points wave, the highest of the day, finishing the wave in a well-accomplished reverse-air. He wants the crown...

    But another dozen "groms" are just as eager, and have answered the Brazilian menace with panache, scoring 9 pointers as well. Among the fiercest today, Medi Veminardi (Reunion Island), Wiggolly Dantas (Brazil), Tyler Newton (USA), Owen Wright (Aus) and Garret Parkes (Aus) are all more than ready to battle it out against the high scoring Brazilian in tomorrow's increasing swell. The show will only be greater and the contest intense.

    The French Maxime Huscenot (Reu), Medi Veminardi (Reu), Marc Locmare (Fra), Pierre-Valentin Laborde (Fra), Damien Chaudoy (Reu) and Justin Delanne (Fra) have all taken a win in their heats and directly qualified for round 3.

    Check in Tomorrow at 8 AM with the second and third round of the main event.

    For the first time, an under 16 international surfing event is being webcasted.
    Check it on: on


    Peterson Cristanto (Brz) : photo Damien Poullenot/KOTG '05


    Version Francais:

    Aujourd’hui sous le soleil de Capbreton, s’est déroulé le premier tour du Quiksilver King of the Groms, Championnat du Monde de Surf des moins de 16 ans, durant lequel les jeunes surfeurs nous ont montré tout leur talent malgré des conditions de vagues difficiles. 

    Le jeune brésilien Alejo Muniz, vainqueur l’an passé du Quiksilver Grommets trophy, a frappé fort ce  matin avec une vague presque parfaite à 9,65 points, il enchaînât plusieurs manœuvres avant de terminer par un  reverse-air (soit une rotation de 360° en sens inverse). Il est venu à Capbreton avec la ferme intention de remporter la couronne du King of the Groms. 

    Mais une dizaine de « groms » lui ont répondu avec des vagues leur permettant de scorer jusqu’à 9 points. Ainsi Medi Veminardi (Reunion), Wiggolly Dantas (Brésil), Tyler Newton (USA), Owen Wright (Aus) et Garret Parkes (Aus) sont eux aussi prêt à affronter les prochains tours de la compétition et tenir la dragée haute au jeune brésilien. La houle annoncée pour demain devrait nous donner un superbe spectacle avec tous ces surfeurs aux talents époustouflants. 

    Du côté français, Maxime Huscenot (Reu), Medi Veminardi (Reu), Marc Locmare (Fra), Pierre-Valentin Laborde (Fra), Damien Chaudoy (Reu) et Justin  Delanne (Fra) ont remporté leurs séries aujourd’hui ce qui signifie qu’ils sont directement qualifiés pour le 3ème tour. 

    Rendez-vous demain à 8h00 à la piste pour le 2ème et 3ème tour du « main event ». 

    Le public peut suivre la compétition de ces jeunes champions en herbe venu des 9 régions du surf (Australie, USA , Europe , Bali , Afrique du Sud , Tahiti , Japon , La Réunion , Amérique du Sud) en direct sur internet :



    Click images to enlarge : all photos Damien Poullenot/KOTG '05


    Ausrtalians Wright and Salisbury Advance to Round three 

    (August 04, 2005) Top Australian seed Owen Wright (Culburra, NSW) and successful trialist Chris Salisbury (Newport Beach, NSW) have both dominated their opening main event heats in Quiksilver’s prestigious international U/16 surfing event, the King of The Groms, held in small two-to-three foot (1m) beachbreak waves at Capbreton, France yesterday.  

    Wright, a favourite to take out the inaugural event, was in good form dispatching Costa Rica’s Killian Raust and Portugal’s Pedro Pinto to advance directly to round three after an impressive display in the small waves that earned him a combined two-wave score of 14.50, among the day’s highest. 

    Salisbury, who earned his spot by surfing through a packed field of 96 trialists, also advanced directly to round three after defeating Peru’s Cristobel De Col (8.05) and Brazil’s Vicente Romero (6.15) with a score of 9.50. 

    Byron Bay’s Garrett Parkes was less fortunate, finishing in second place behind American Tyler Newton and ahead of Reunion Island’s Benjamin Walter in third. Parkes will now face a ‘do or die’ man-on-man round two heat tomorrow versus Pinto, when conditions are expected to improve with a substantial increase in swell. 

    New Zealand’s sole representative, highly touted Piha surfer Ryan Hawker, was also forced into elimination round two after failing to win his opening heat against Manuel Lezcano (Canary Islands) and Kieran Bulard (Reunion Island). Hawker scored just two waves totaling 9.30 to winner Lezcano’s 10.50 in lully conditions and will now need to overcome Reunion’s Hugo Palmarini to keep his hopes alive. 

    More than 1,000 surfers from nine of the world’s renowned surfing regions attempted to qualify for the French-based King of The Groms grand final, which sees the overall winner ‘crowned’, dubbed the “King” and then flown along with a chaperone to compete in three of the world’s biggest professional tournaments – The Quiksilver Pro WCTs in Japan, France and Australia. 

    The Quiksilver King of The Groms is live webcast on:

    Check-in for surfers and crew at 8 AM GMT +2 tomorrow morning on Capbreton's famous beach-break, la Piste, France. 


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    Quiksilver King of the Groms  

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