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    Quiksilver King of the Groms/Amazing talents unearthed

    Tamaroa McComb : photo Damien Poullenot/KOTG '05 (click image to enlarge)


    The International Final 
    ASP Europe Under-16 International Event
    Capbreton, France,
    2 to 7 August 2005 

    Scores/Results/Photos/Video etc
    The Quiksilver King of The Groms is live webcast on:

    Amazing Talents Unearthed at Quiksilver King of the Groms 

    Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 05 August, 2005 : - - Mother nature has supported Quiksilver's King Of The Groms with a new swell and as the inaugural event moved into the man-on-man heats of round 2 and 3 today some amazing new surfing talent has been unearthed.

    The waves pumped through at a solid 1.5 metres with some bigger sets around the 2 metre mark. Organisers completed Round 2 and pressed on into Round 3, completing 8 of the 16 heats. The Under 16 year old surfers displayed some scintillating surfing, mature beyond their years.

    While most seasoned observers of competitive surfing expected Australian, Brazilian and American surfers to dominate this event it has been new names from France and the French Territories of Guadalupe and Reunion Island that have shown their skill today, a healthy sign for the sport.

    15 year old Charles Martin set the pace in Round 2 with a total score of 19.45 out of a possible 20. Charles has been raised in the challenging reef breaks of his Caribbean island home yet showed remarkable familiarity in the tricky beach break of La Piste. Charles will perform again in Round 3 tomorrow (Saturday) where he has drawn the Indonesian Muklis Anwar, who has travelled from his home in Bali for the first time.

    Local French competitors created some upsets. The most impressive from Guillaume Mangiarotti who defeated Hawaiian Kiron Jabour in Round 2 and then went on to beat in form Brazilian Alejo Munis in Round 3. Mangiarotti will now meet Brazil's Crisanto Peterson in Round 4.


    Garrett Parkes : photo Damien Poullenot/KOTG '05 (click image to enlarge)


    Marc Lacomere showed his local knowledge downing Japanese champion Keito Matsuoka. Lacomere surfs daily on these beach breaks and resides just North of Capbreton Harbour in Hossegor. Lacomere will clash with Kris Wiernicki from Florida, USA in Round 4.

    Heat 3 of Round 4 will be an all-Reunion Island affair with Medi Veminardi set to surf against Damien Chaudoy. Veminardi beat Australian Chris Salisbury in Round 3 while Chaudoy defeated fellow Reunion grommet Maxime Huscenot.

    Hawaii was well represented with Kauai's Tyler Newton lighting up the beach with some powerful surfing but he ran into the red hot Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas and was eliminated in Round 3. Newton would have won almost any other heat today with his total score of 18.66 but Dantas was too good.

    However, the number one seed in this contest, Australian Owen Wright has also laid down a challenge with a huge win in his Round 3 heat downing Reunion Island's Hugo Palmarini. Wright will now meet Wiggolly Dantas in Round 4. That will be a heat to delight the crowd expected for the weekend finals.

    Organisers expect the swell to continue into the weekend and all is poised for an exciting finale. The champion here at Quiksilver's "King Of The Groms" will win entry into three WCT events on the ASP World Tour in Japan, California and Australia and the way these groms are surfing the established professionals should be worried.

    Check-in for surfers and crew at 8 AM morning on Capbreton's famous beach-break, la Piste, France.
    The Quiksilver King of The Groms is live webcast on:


    (click on images to enlarge)


    Salisbury Fails in Bid For New Grom Crown / Top Seed Owen Wright advances to Round 4 

    (Saturday, August 06, 2005) Newport Beach (NSW) hopeful, Chris Salisbury, has been eliminated in round three of Quiksilver’s inaugural King of The Groms international U/16 surfing event taking place on the shores of Capbreton, France. 

    The natural footer was one of three Australians vying for the prestigious new grommet crown alongside Byron Bay’s Garrett Parkes and hot event favourite, Culburra’s Owen Wright, and was yesterday eliminated in a man-on-man heat versus Reunion Island’s Medi Veminardi in quality four-to-five foot (1.5-2m) surf. 

    Salisbury was unlucky in his encounter, going down to Veminardi in a low scoring exchange of 9.25, to 12.15 (best two waves), but faired well to advance to the main event after successfully qualifying through a stacked trials division of nearly 100 hopefuls.

    Meanwhile top Aussie goofy-foot, Wright, has advanced to round four after successfully claiming his second consecutive main-event heat win by eliminating another Reunion Island surfer, Hugo Palmarini 14.50 – 11.25. Wright will now meet Brazil’s Wiggolly Dantas in round four. 

    When competition resumes tomorrow, Parkes will be among the first to hit the water against Tahiti’s Jocelyn Poulou, after he successfully accounted for Portugal’s Pedro Pinto in round two.

    More than 1,000 surfers from nine of the world’s renowned surfing regions attempted to qualify for the French-based King of The Groms grand final, which sees the overall winner ‘crowned’, dubbed the “King” and then flown along with a chaperone to compete in three of the world’s biggest professional tournaments – The Quiksilver Pro WCTs in Japan, France and Australia.

    Remaining Round three heats: Quiksilver’s King of The Groms, Capbreton, France.


    The Quiksilver King of The Groms is live webcast on:

    Check-in for surfers and crew at 8 AM morning on Capbreton's famous beach-break, la Piste, France.
    For trials results, photos and more information on the event please visit

    For the first time, an under 16 international surfing event is being webcasted.
    Check it on: on


    - Live webcast -

    Version Francais:

    Les vagues tant attendues sont arrivées aujourd’hui pour le 2ème et le 3ème tour du Quiksilver King of the Groms.  Les très bonnes conditions de ce jour, avec des vagues de  plus de 2 mètres,  auront permis aux « groms » de surfer à 100%. 

    Les  initiés  s’attendaient à voir durant la compétition la domination  des surfeurs australiens, brésiliens et américains, mais, nos jeunes riders français de la Guadeloupe,  la Réunion et de la côte Atlantique ont exprimé tout leur talent.  

    C’est ainsi que Charles Martin, de la Guadeloupe a obtenu une moyenne proche de la perfection avec 19,45. Il a nous montré tout son savoir faire sur les vagues de la Piste. Charles essayera de pratiquer sont excellent surf demain à l’occasion de la fin du 3ème tour face à l’indonésien Muklis Anwar, dont c’est le premier voyage hors de son pays. 

    Le surfeur local, Guillaume Manghiarotti a lui aussi fait des étincelles en éliminant l’hawaïen Kiron Jabour dans le 2ème tour et Alejo Muniz, l’un des favoris de la compétition , dans le tour suivant. Il sera opposé  en 8ème de finale au brésilien Crisanto Peterson . 

    Marc Lacomere a montré toute sa connaissance des spots landais en sortant le Japonais Keito Matsuko. Marc connaît bien ces vagues puisqu’il habite  à quelques kilomètres de Capbreton, à Hossegor. 

    Les heat 3 du 4ème tour sera 100% réunionnais avec Medi Veminardi opposé à Damien Chaudoy. Ils ont sorti respectivement de la compétition l’Australien Chris Salisbury et Maxime Huscenot également réunionnais. 

     Les organisateurs de la compétition espèrent que la houle sera toujours présent ce week-end pour nous donner une finale d’exception. 

    Rendez-vous demain à 8h00 à la piste pour la fin du 3ème tour du « main event ».

    - Live webcast -


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    Quiksilver King of the Groms  

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