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Joli's Blog: Cloudbreak delivered a 45 to 50ft monster

Biggest wave of the day at Cloudbreak ©




Joli's Blog: 'Filthy Friday'

Filthy Friday gets its own Gallery: Joli has recorded thousands of images of Fiji

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 June, 2012 : - - Finally back in Australia after a successful stint in Fiji. While there, I was loading all my images into one Gallery, the Volcom Fiji Pro 2012, but after the incredible surf we had at Cloudbreak on Friday the 8th of June, now being described as 'Filthy Friday' I figure the images deserve their own Gallery.

It was the best day of paddle surfing ever seen at Cloudbreak, with the swell in the12'-15' range from the south. The surf pumped all day with amazing performances from of the world best big wave paddle in surfers. The biggest wave that came through on Filthy Friday was estimated to be in the 45'-50' range and the biggest wave ever seen at Cloudbreak.- The best day of paddle surfing ever seen at Cloudbreak.






Fiji Filthy Friday 2012 - Images by Peter 'Joli' Wilson



Reef McIntosh ©


Cheers Joli

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Source: Joliphotos

Author: Peter Wilson

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